The 2017 deer season was one of the best ever for Charles “Chad” Thousand of Greensboro, N.C. — until it wasn’t.

Thousand, who killed a 15-point, 173-inch Guilford County monster on Oct. 3, that was profiled on Carolina Sportsman’s website (, has been charged by wildlife enforcement officers with the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission with six violations related to four bucks taken earlier this fall.

Daryl Southern, a wildlife enforcement officer stationed in Rockingham County, N.C., said Thousand received a stack of citations relating to the taking of four bucks in Guilford County, including the huge non-typical buck, in October 2017.

“Charles Dwayne Thousand was issued six violations in Guilford County from night hunting and illegally hunting on posted land to illegally possessing and transporting wild animals taken illegally,” Southern said. “We seized four sets of antlers, all electronic data from cell phones, computers, flash drives and his light-mounted crossbow.”

According to the Commission, the investigation began shortly after the fourth buck was taken on Oct. 24. Southern and several other wildlife officers joined forces to gather information, and charges were officially filed earlier this month. 

The six charges filed were as follows:

* Unlawful take of deer between ½-hour after sunset to ½-hour before sunrise with the aid of an artificial light;

* Exceeding the limit of antlered bucks;

* Illegally possessing and transporting a wild animal taken illegally;

* Borrowing a nontransferable license issued by the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission to tag a deer;

* Hunting, fishing or trapping on posted property without written permission;

* Unlawful trespassing.

If convicted, Thousand will be issued fines and may be subject to hefty replacement costs and forfeitures of hunting privileges and hunting equipment used during criminal offenses.  

Thousand was unavailable for comment.