When Diane Meadows joined NorthCarolinaSportsman.com in November, she jumped in with both feet. Meadows talked deer hunting and fishing, and quickly became one of the most-active members on the forum.

Now she has joined the NCS moderation team, and will help guide the site as it grows.

"I'm just a regular woman who loves being outdoors," said Meadows, who goes by Diane00 on the forum. "I love camping; there is no better meal than hotdogs and hamburgers cooked over a fire after a long day on the lake fishing."

She camps every possible chance from the spring through the fall. But her favorite pastime is fishing.

"I love to get up early and be the first one on the lake as the fog rises off the water and everyone else is sound asleep," Meadows said. "The fish just seem to to bite better when no one else is watching. "

She isn't picky about what she catches, but she does have a preference.

"Crappie fishing is my favorite - day and night fishing with lights," Meadows said. "Fontana Lake smallmouth fishing and catawba river trout fishing are a close runner up."

Meadows, who lives in Asheville, learned her love of fishing from her father and has spent time in the outdoors throughout the area her entire life.

"I have been blessed with the good friends I have made fishing," she said. "I have fished a lot of lakes and have many more where I want to wet a line on my bucket list."

She spends a lot of time with her 5-year-old granddaughter, passing on thrill of spending time on the water.

"She caught her first bass last summer," Meadows said. "The video is posted on the site. She also caught her first 18-inch trout on her second cast while fishing with me on the Catawba river last fall.

"She has the same love for fishing as I do, and I hope she carries it with her the rest of her life. I truly believe that life's not measured by what we have, but by our experiences."

Her first turkey hunt already is scheduled for this spring.

"I can hardly wait," she said. "I have got a lot of tips and advice from the (other NCS) moderators and posters on the site.I  may not get my first gobbler,but I will have fun trying.

"If not I will just use my experience and go the next year and give it another try."
She also is planning to deer hunt with her father in the eastern part of the state.

"He is an avid deer hunter, and has had quite a bit of success," Meadows said. "I think hunting with my dad will be an experience I will always remember. It would be nice to have a big buck to bring home too."
She said the site has become an important part of her outdoors experience.

"I have made a lot of friends on the site since I joined, and hope to make many more," Meadows said. I love the way everyone shares their advice and good stories from their hunts and fishing trips.

"I hope to have a lot more stories to add myself, maybe even big gobbler photo this spring. Until then you can find me outdoors."