In addition to fly fishing for Wilson Creek trout, spinning gear is also a good option.

Greg Duncan at Walker's General Store in Collettesville, which caters to trout fishermen, said, "The little Rebel Crawfish has caught a lot of trout for me in the creek, including some trophies. I use spinning gear quite a bit and I do well with it."

Bill Shumaker of Charlotte often fishes trout with his spinning gear.

"My favorite trout lure is the little floating Rapala. Two colors work particularly well: rainbow trout and brown trout," he said. "A few years ago Paul McGinnis of Dillon, Mont., introduced me to the small Panther Martin in-line spinners. They work great for trout, too."

For trout, ultralight spinning gear is appropriate. A 7-foot rod helps in steering a lure around rocks in pocket water. Line in 6- or 8-pound test should work.