Andy Pope and Lowrie Beacham have developed habits in their pursuit of late-season doves that are worth sharing:

• Pope: “It is important to use good camouflage and a blind, if possible. I keep a fold-up blind, like that a turkey hunter would use or I cut young pine trees or cedar trees and form a natural blind.”

• Beacham: “I look for a lone, bare tree that seems to be preferred by doves. They will congregate around such trees and feed into the field from them.”

• Pope: “I use a heavier gun this time of year (12 gauge) and shoot 11/4-ounce.loads of 71/2s”

• Beacham: “I can’t stress how important it is to scout and organize a hunt, because for those birds that migrate, you might only get one or two days of shooting at the maximum.”

• Pope: “They often key in on large brush piles or laps, so finding one and setting up close by works well. Late-season birds don’t seem to tolerate much pressure, so small shooting parties are the way to go. “