Nestled in the heart of South Carolina’s Piedmont lies Beaver Creek Trophy Club. With more than 3,200 acres of pines, cutover, and swampland, Beaver Creek has the basic habitat components to back up to their name as a trophy club.

Beaver Creek is a relatively new organization, but with a foundation of good members, a good philosophy, prime habitat and a solid plan to become one of the best clubs around.

The 32-member club has already put quality bucks in the South Carolina record book. Last September, founding member Danny Kennington of Heath Springs dropped a 232-pound, 32-point buck that sported a 22-inch spread and 10-inch bases.

For starters, Beaver Creek limits the buck harvest to animals with at least a 14-inch outside spread to protect the younger age-classes of bucks.

Out of their acreage, Beaver Creek has dedicated a few areas to food plots. This month, they are testing and preparing their soils in their food plots for the upcoming planting seasons.

Beyond size limits and habitat manipulation, Beaver Creek has incorporated a safety policy to protect its members. All stands are marked in the field and on the board in the clubhouse, and all hunters must be accounted for after each day; the last hunter, who is not to leave until all have signed out. Beaver Creek is putting everything together to form the perfect club where members can enjoy a quality hunt.

“We are striving to structure ourselves to be able to have a trophy club that we can be proud of and that others will want to become part of,” said Kennington.