Under starry skies on Feb. 28, Jett Webb of Conetoe ensured there will be one less mouth to feed in the Indian Woods section of Bertie County – and a real big mouth, too. Webb took down a massive wild boar that bottomed out a set of scales certified to 500 pounds that’s used for weighing tobacco bales. 

Michael Mansell, president of the White Oak Ranch Hunting Club, said he weighed well over 500 pounds.

“He pegged the maximum weight capacity of the certified scales with his head and shoulders still on the skinning shed floor,” Mansell said. “It was a true beast!”

Webb’s hog was on his radar, and some other club members, for some time from trail camera shots taken this year and from previous years on the 1,886-acre hunting club.

According to Mansell, the huge boar eluded their clever hunters for approximately six eight years – about the same White Oak members began seeing hogs on their hunting tract in the Roanoke River swamps.  

“We have pictures of him going back to 2011. He was a hard one to get on the ground for he moved around a great deal,” Mansell said. “These hogs are smart; we stay scent free, watch the wind and hunt from elevated stands.”

Webb, who had killed another huge hog two years ago after hunting him for five months, baited this big hog for a month. The sweet-tasting corn and a night-hunting light was too much for this oversized, heap of pork chops. Webb killed the bear with a .308 around 10:30 p.m.

According to Mansell, the hogs of his club’s property have characteristics similar to the Eurasian strain of hogs with long snouts, large tusks, tufts on the end of their tails, a ridgeback hair line and a real bad attitude.