Nestled in the heart of Saluda County, S.C., is Rack and Spur Hunting Club, a unique organization that provides a safe and distinguished getaway for hunters and their families to enjoy the outdoors. It was founded more than 25 years ago as a place for a group of hunters to convene and pass on family traditions.

The club controls more than 3,000 acres on eight tracts in a large variety of terrain, from cutovers and pine plantations to hardwood bottoms and food plots. Each fall, club members prepare food plots with a wide variety of seed mixes. Food plots are scattered across the property in areas made available by landowners.

With the exception of one 443-acre parcel dedicated to quality deer management restrictions, the remainder of club lands follow state harvest guidelines. However, members are encouraged to only harvest mature bucks and let young deer walk.

On the quality managed tract, all bucks must have four points on one side with a brow tine and three points without a brow tine. It provides bucks a chance to grow to maturity and gives members an opportunity to take a real wallhanger.

Over the years, Rack and Spur has got involved in community outreach to promote hunting. Rack and Spur has become involved in philanthropic activities responsible for creating long-lasting memories for their members and special guests within their community.

Mike Johnson, secretary and treasurer of the club, is happy to be a part of this family-friendly organization.

“We understand the importance of having a family atmosphere so everyone can enjoy the outdoors. We want the young ones to appreciate the fact that everyone can safely enjoy and appreciate nature, and have a good time,” he said.

Rack and Spur members provide a service to the community by promoting outdoor activities through a couple of unique organizations.

“We are a community-oriented club and we support Outdoors Without Limits and The Faith Hunters of Youth,” he said.

Both OWL and FHY are non-profit organizations based in the Upstate to promote hunting opportunities. FHY strives to show children the wonder of Christ through experiences in God’s creation, and OWL raises awareness through a system of community-based chapters that focus on providing education and opportunities for disabled and non-disabled individuals in outdoor activities.