With the largest part of duck season and the final days of deer season arriving this month in the Carolinas, so will winter weather. The long hours in a tree stand or in a flooded marsh have a totally different meaning to our own two feet, practically numb from prolonged exposure to extreme cold. 

Having cold feet on a hunting trip, unfortunately, is a reality, and several layers of liner and wool socks are only a partial remedy. Most hunters have accepted the fact that their feet are going to get uncomfortably cold at some point. 

For some, single-use toe or foot warmers are the perfect solution to cold feet. Others will use heated socks — powered by a 9-volt battery — that have been around for nearly three decades, but these lack the precision to provide all-day comfort. The heat packs deliver temporary warmth or too much heat, causing a different kind of discomfort. And the old, battery operated socks just didn’t work very well. 

However, cold feet are left in the prop wash because of the latest advancement. Thermacell is making heated insoles that are powered by a rechargeable, removable battery. They come with a wireless, fingertip remote control that allows the user to toggle between on, off, and two heat settings.    

Regardless of how cold it is in the tree stand or duck blind, or how deep the snow is, 111-degree “high” heat setting will surely keep feet warm and toasty.