Call-maker John Tanner of Hemingway, S.C., might have cut his teeth building duck and turkey calls out of ancient cypress, but it’s clear that he’s really hit on how to make high-quality calls out of any of a handful of different woods, as his newest turkey call, the Crystal Clucker, shows.

Tanner started building the Crystal Clucker, a pot call, on Jan. 1. The call, which pairs a circle of frosted crystal over glass, is made in either cherry or black walnut, and it comes with an Osage Orange striker peg.

A long-time turkey hunter, Tanner included several features in the Crystal Clucker that stand out as being designed by a turkey hunter. The call and striker hang from an adjustable lanyard so it can be hung around a hunter’s neck, within easy reach. The adjustable lanyard can be lengthened and shortened for travel or access.

“The thing I really like about that is that you can have the call in your hands, and if a turkey shows up, you can just let go of it and it will drop down on your chest; you don’t have to sit it down on the ground, then pick your gun up,” Tanner said.

Adjusting the lanyard’s length can allow a hunter to drop the call in a breast pocket for easy access, and the striker can be peg of the striker can be slipped into the hunter’s shirt between buttons.

A Scotch Brite pad is preferred to keep the surface of the call in working order.

The Crystal Clucker retails for $60 and is available from