Suggs Mill Pond Game Land covers 11,030 acres in Bladen and Columbus counties, with 27 acres in four areasdesigned as dove fields. Field No. 1 (Owens) consists of 5 acres of millet. Field No. 2 (Airstrip) covers 12 acres, mostly planted with millet with some milo. Field No. 3 (MacFadden) has 6 acres planted with millet. Field No. 4 (a linear opening) is planted with millet.

Hunters can check the status of these fields online and visit the area before their hunt for scouting. 

On the four lottery permit days (Sept. 5, 7, 12 and 15), only those 60 hunters with permits may enter the game land and hunt doves at the fields. After the special opportunity dates, hunters can purchase a point-of-sale, small-game permit at the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission’s depot (910-866-5190) to hunt doves through the remainder of September.