June is a big month for hunters across the Carolinas. With turkey season over, hunting leases get ready to laps, and sometimes they change hands for fall season.

While some landowners don’t require hunters to pay for their leases until Labor Day, the majority of hunting leases begin and end on June 30. So if any hunters are looking for a new place to hunt, June is the time to secure acreage.

Despite the presence of several million acres of public land across the Carolinas, most hunters fill their big-game tags on private land. And although a number of hunters take game on land that has their name on the deed, the majority participate in hunting clubs or lease private land to hunt. Without a solid lease with a private or industrial landowner, many hunters would resort to the public areas that can be fantastic places to put meat in the freezer. But stand control, habitat modification and the ability to provide supplemental food sources falls to the wayside on public grounds.      

To guarantee a fall hunting lease, hunters need to get their  leases fees paid well before the due date. Additionally, they need to remember the land they hunt on each year is not their personal land. They should always take good care of the land, not littering and continually finding ways to preserve the natural aesthetics and functionality of the land and its travel ways. A good land steward will encourage landowners to allow hunting in future years.  

For hunters looking for a new lease, the best source is going to be from any entity with large land holdings, such as timber companies, large farmers and timber investment firms. However, most of these large landowners will already have a mechanism for leasing out their property for hunting through their own people or from a third party. 

Over the past decade, the internet has changed the way many people operate, and it can be a wonderful resource for hunters looking for a place to hunt. One of the best websites available is Southernhuntingland.com. It has more than 35 links to timber company and forestland management company websites, designed for hunters looking for places to find a club or available hunting lease.  

Another good place to look is the popular social media portal, Facebook. Dozens of hunting groups have members always posting opportunities for new members or for vacant hunting leases. 

For hunters who don’t have leases, are looking for more land or for a spot in a hunting club, June is prime time to secure a place for the fall.