Plenty of hunters would love to be able to upgrade the habitat on land they own or lease, planting food plots to feed and attract game species, but they don’t have the tools necessary, nor the budget to buy a big tractor or outfit their ATV with cultivating attachments.

Don’t lose heart, however. Your problem may already have been solved.

The two-wheel tractors in BCS America’s Harvester and Professional series may just be the ticket to use in every phase of developing and maintaining lush food plots of clover, chicory or just about anything else. You can walk behind and plow, till and prepare seed beds without the chore or expense of maintaining a four-wheel tractor.

There’s no part of preparing and cultivating food plots that a BCS tractor can’t perform.

Models feature motors between 5.7 and11.7 horsepower, with wheelbases between 16 and 25 inches, with two working speeds in each direction on a straight-axle configuration, so both wheels turn together to maintain positive traction.

Base prices vary from $1,510 for the 710 model to $4,700 for the 750 model, which can handle a 33-inch rear-tine tiller.

Attachments include: rear-tine tiller, rotary plow, flail mower, power harrow, brush mower, chipper/shredder, sickle-bar mower — even snow a snow blower.

A safety device in the handle kills power to the transmission when the handle is released, while allowing the engine to continue running.

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