For most deer hunters, the first weapon of choice during the early deer season is the bow and arrow. For bowhunters, a good range finder is the most-important tool to have above the archery equipment itself. Hunters need to know the exact distances around their stands in order to have a good chance at making that million-dollar shot in the first few days of the season.

Archery equipment has come a long way since Fred Bear began commercial production of bows over a half-century ago. Even with today’s technology producing speeds of better than 325 feet per second, arrow drop continues to be a factor when targets are beyond 20 yards. Archers must know their distances and how to adjust their equipment to send their razor-tipped arrows into the engine room of their racked prey. 

With the advent of today’s laser range finders, measuring distances accurately from the stand could not be any easier. Hunters should not wait until they are in the stand with a big buck on the scene to try to figure out how long the shot will be. Hunters should measure these distances well before the season starts and erect some type of markers in the field to remind them of these distances. While anything can be used to mark these distances, the best method is to erect boundary flagging in various colors coded by a set distance of 10-, 20-, 30-, and 40-yard increments.