• Carolina Fishing

    Follow the gulls

    Spanish mackerel travel in schools, and when they feed, they aren’t secretive by any means, often feeding in a frenzy.

    10 hours ago

    Check the moon

    Who would have thought that a ball of rock 238,000 miles away would have such an impact on life on earth? 

    10 hours ago

    Take care of your bait and it will take care of you

    Keeping live bait alive and healthy during summer is more than a challenge. Understanding what baitfish need and how to provide it takes away much of the risk of losing bait to less-than-ideal water conditions.

    10 hours ago

    Blackfin move closer to SC beaches in summer

    Blackfin tuna are not quite as numerous in South Carolina’s offshore waters during the summer, but along with Mahi-mahi, they make up the majority of bluewater catches through the hotter months.

    10 hours ago

    How to add that kicker largemouth

    Although they’re an elusive target at Norman in the summer, when pro angler Bryan Thrift is fishing a dog-days tournament there, largemouth bass are not off the menu. To catch his kicker fish, Thrift takes advantage of the overabundance of sunken brush piles provided by crappie fishermen.

    10 hours ago

    They’re ugly, but an oyster toad is a tasty summer reef dweller

    The oyster toadfish is a common catch for anglers who fish the nearshore ledges and reefs for flounder, gray trout and other species. They will hit spoons and jigs but are more likely to strike live and cut baits.

    10 hours ago

    Count to three to ID gulf flounder

    Of the three flounder species that inhabit waters off the North Carolina coast — summer southern and Gulf — the Gulf flounder is the least plentiful.

    10 hours ago

    Five choices for rigging swimbaits

    Bass pro Dylan Fulk said swimbaits are fairly simple baits to fish, but there are a number of options for rigging them. He has rigged them five different ways.

    10 hours ago

    Summer of the yak

    For anglers who love to fish when the mercury starts to rise in earnest, there’s no better place to be than on the water in a kayak.

    Yesterday at 9:00am

    Keep your trip water cool

    During a long day of fishing in the summer, all I want to drink is cold water; nothing quenches thirst like it. I’m a big fan of sweet tea and Pepsi, but when I’m genuinely hot and thirsty, they won’t do. A good, cold bottle of H20 goes down easy, keeps the body hydrated and leaves no aftertaste.

    July 12 at 9:00am