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    Fishing lure spotlight: D.O.A. Bait Buster

    The D.O.A. Bait Buster is a soft plastic fishing lure that is effective for both freshwater and saltwater species.

    Catch more trout with these 3 topwater lures for fall

    It’s tough to beat the speckled trout bite in the fall along the coast of the Carolinas. And for most anglers, nothing tops catching them on topwater lures. It’s the perfect combination of sight, sound, and feel that you can only get from using surface lures, and trout are very cooperative at this game, especially in low-light conditions like early morning.

    December 31, 1969 at 6:00pm

    Apache Pier, Sunset Beach Pier giving up big bull redfish

    Many people understandably wondered what the fishing would be like after the recent hurricane hit the coast of both Carolinas. By all accounts, the fishing has been great, even from the piers that have opened since the storm damage.

    December 31, 1969 at 6:00pm

    Durham angler catches 101-pound catfish

    Undeterred by a broken trolling motor, Jason Bowen of Durham had to make all his drifts for blue catfish with the wind on Kerr Lake last Saturday. After changing spots once, he hooked up to the biggest fish of his life, a 101-pounder that required reinforcements to land.

    December 31, 1969 at 6:00pm

    False albacore surprising anglers at Georgetown jetties

    Anglers up and down the coast of both Carolinas are having a field day with bull redfish, but other fish are contributing to the fun as well, and sometimes they are doing it with a surprise. Such was the case yesterday for Capt. Rod Thomas at the Georgetown jetties.

    December 31, 1969 at 6:00pm

    How to tie your own trout flies

    Seeing a trout rise to a fly is always a thrill, no matter how often you fish. Having a trout rise to a fly you’ve tied yourself is a greater thrill.

    Tying flies is an art, a craft and a science, the concocting of feathers, fur, thread, yarn and other material to produce a fly that looks enough like an insect to make a trout think it’s the real thing.

    December 31, 1969 at 6:00pm

    Striper fishing is back

    October is a great time for catching all kinds of fish on the Santee Cooper lakes, but the most anticipated day is the re-opening of the striped bass season after a four-month closure. With recent years as indicators of what’s likely to occur, striper fishing should be sensational on opening day and actually improve as the month progresses.

    December 31, 1969 at 6:00pm

    Work specks on the Wando

    South Carolina’s Wando River has long been known as a trout hot spot. Unlike most coastal rivers in either state, the Wando doesn’t really go anywhere. This prevents a lot of run-off from entering the river, particularly during tropical-storm season, so the river stays clearer than surrounding areas. 

    December 31, 1969 at 6:00pm

    Topwater is nothing New in NC

    Guide Ricky Kellum points to his home waters, the New River in Onslow County, N.C., as his go-to spot for targeting topwater trout in October. His favorite bait is a Super Spook Jr. with a chartreuse head and white body, a bait that fooled an 8-pound trout in the New last year.

    December 31, 1969 at 6:00pm

    Night moves are right moves

    Guide Ricky Kellum always has a stock of trout candy, aka live shrimp, when available, but the pinfish that have taken root on AR 398 make it nearly impossible to float one long enough for a trout to see  — at least during daylight hours. But according to Kellum, the reef is also a hot spot on a cool, fall night, and a supply of shrimp is the go-to trout killer.

    December 31, 1969 at 6:00pm

    An Electric Chicken with fur, feathers

    Because of the popularity of soft-plastic baits in the chartreuse-pink Electric Chicken color, fly anglers and guides created several flies to mimic the jig’s silhouette and motion.  

    December 31, 1969 at 6:00pm