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    Santee in June: Catfish central

    Catfish are typically on a strong bite year-round at Santee Cooper, but June offers opportunities to be highly productive in a number of different ways. With the warming water, it’s an excellent time to pursue all of the “big three”catfish species: blue, flathead and channel. 

    June 16 at 9:00am

    Day 5 of Big Rock sees no change in top 3 on leaderboard

    At the end of the fifth day of competition in the 2018 Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament, the top three spots remain unchanged from day three. No blue marlin were caught on day four, and although one was weighed on day five, it failed to qualify due to being underweight.

    June 15 at 9:12pm

    Sportsman’s website to be down for scheduled server maintenance

    Carolina Sportsman’s website will be down Sunday night, June 17, for scheduled server maintenance. 

    June 15 at 8:44pm

    Z-man Pop ShadZ

    Constructed of high-floating, 10X Tough ElaZtech™ material, this first-of-its-kind soft-plastic surface popper sports a cupped face that pops, spits and chugs along the surface for maximum fish-calling attraction. What’s more, the Pop ShadZ can be rigged weedless on a wide-gap hook, making it ideal for fishing through pads, grass, stumps, and laydowns. Buoyant enough to float even a heavy gauge hook, its baitfish profile accurately mimics a number of freshwater and saltwater forage species.

    June 15 at 7:00am

    Yakima Handroll Kayak Rack

    Designed to help you easily get any type of kayak up on your vehicle’s roof, the HandRoll’s rubber rollers provide load assist with grip, stability and protection. The bases pivot to automatically fit the shape of your boat, then lock tight to cradle it while traveling. The universal mount fits most roof racks — no tools needed — and heavy duty straps and tie-downs are included to keep things secure.

    June 15 at 7:00am

    A good topwater bite

    The first specks of sunrise were starting to lighten the night sky as Justin Carter, a member of Hobie Kayaks’ pro staff, and I slipped our plastic boats into the ICW. It was an early June morning, the kind of day when sand gnats had to hurry to get their bites in before the summer winds and heat kicked in.

    June 15 at 7:00am

    June’s best kayak fishing bets

    North Carolina

    June 15 at 7:00am

    A cleaner New River means better fishing

    The New River, which courses through Onslow County along North Carolina’s central coast, is considered the state’s best venue to catch a magnum-size spotted seatrout.

    June 15 at 7:00am

    The big chill didn’t kill the trout thrill

    This past January, fisheries biologists and anglers knew bad news was on the horizon for spotted seatrout.

    June 15 at 7:00am

    Don’t overlook anything when targeting dolphin

    Dolphin are found in temperate waters throughout the world. They first show up along the edge of the Gulf Stream off the Carolinas in the late spring. By May, many of them are bigger fish called gaffers — large enough to have to use a gaff — and during June, the numbers usually increase, but there are more smaller fish in the catch. Regardless of size, dolphin are attracted to edges and floating objects.

    June 15 at 7:00am