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    Take these steps now to make this your best deer hunting season

    Deer season is only weeks away, so it's time to take these steps to make this your best deer season yet.

    Lottery deer hunts offer premium hunting experience

    While many outdoorsmen across the Carolinas have private hunting land or are in a private hunt club, some don’t have that opportunity, or don’t hunt often enough to make this feasible for them. And even for those who do, sometimes they’d like to hunt other land that is extensively managed for game animals.

    July 14 at 2:45pm

    SCDNR adds dogs to enforcement team

    The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) Canine Team completed eight weeks of training around the state and "graduated" Friday, June 16 at the Clemson SCDNR office.

    July 12 at 1:25pm

    North Carolina hunters will pay more to hunt in South Carolina this year

    In years past, non-resident hunters have had it very easy in South Carolina. A non-resident hunting license and a big game permit were the only things required for harvesting deer in the Palmetto State, and compared to most states, the non-resident fees in South Carolina have always been more than fair. Some big changes are coming across the board with the 2017-18 South Carolina deer hunting season, including what it will take for non-resident hunters to kill deer here.

    July 11 at 8:34am

    How to obtain your South Carolina deer tags

    Many changes are coming to South Carolina deer hunters this year, for both resident and non-resident hunters. One big change is where and when you can obtain your deer hunting tags. In the past, hunters in South Carolina have only been required to tag antlerless deer, but beginning this season, bucks will also have to be tagged.

    July 07 at 2:59pm

    Get ready for hunting season at these shooting ranges

    Summer is in full bloom and the fishing has been great, but hunting season is just around the corner. And whether it’s dove season or deer season you’re most looking forward to, you’ll feel more comfortable if that first hunt is not the first time you’ve shot your rifle or shotgun since last season.

    July 06 at 12:51pm

    Map out your know-how

    It may be July, but it is never too early to prepare for the opening of deer season. From developing a cool-season food-plot plan and hanging tree stands to studying the landscape and travel corridors, diehard whitetail enthusiasts can make the best of their summer preparing for the 2017 season. 

    July 05 at 9:00am

    Wam! Bumpers

    If you take pains to make your truck look right, aftermarket bumpers have likely crossed your mind. But learning the cost associated with them turns most folks off. However, Wam! Bumpers are affordable, stylish and practical. They’re welded by Americans in Georgia, and can be made to hold a winch, D-rings or clevises, lights, tire carriers as well as protect your truck from impacts.

    July 01 at 7:00am

    Barnett Ghost 420

    The new Ghost 420 is the fastest crossbow Barnett has ever created. As the name implies, it’ll fling the right arrows up to 420 fps. The Ghost is a lightweight bow that punches out of its weight class thanks to a carbonite riser and an aluminum flight track. The Ghost 420 comes standard with a 1.5-5x32mm illuminated scope that will inspire confidence in all shooters. 

    July 01 at 7:00am

    Big buck bonanza - Here’s how to get more out of your local, Carolina whitetail bucks

    When most hunters think about truly monster whitetail bucks, midwestern states and Canadian provinces typically come to mind. No doubt, Illinois, Ohio and Saskatchewan consistently produce heavy-hoofed beasts with a chandelier full of antler, but hunters in the Carolinas don’t have to buy a plane ticket and travel across the continent to get a shot at the trophy of a lifetime, either. The home dirt produces its fair share of wall hangers, and with the right formula, bucks can reach their potential.

    July 01 at 7:00am

    What qualifies as an antlerless deer?

    South Carolina’s new deer hunting laws require the tagging of every deer, including antlerless deer. But what qualifies as antlerless? Isn’t an antlerless deer just a doe? No.

    June 22 at 3:33pm