• Carolina Hunting

    Bag-A-Buck contest returns for 2018-19 season

    Jay Garner killed a nice 8-point buck last Sept. 17, 2017, but he didn’t really think he was anything special. 

    Turned out, he was wrong. 

    August 09 at 10:01pm

    Know these laws before importing deer, elk parts from outside of SC

    South Carolinians planning out-of-state trips to hunt big game this fall should be aware of restrictions on importing deer and elk parts into the Palmetto State.

    August 09 at 9:41pm

    Hunting out of state? Make sure you follow these rules on importing deer parts

    Importation of whole carcasses from any member of the family Cervidae (e.g., deer, elk, moose, or reindeer/caribou) from any state, Canadian province, or foreign country outside of North Carolina is prohibited. 

    August 09 at 9:13pm

    Lone Star tick bite infects Rock Hill man with Alpha Gal disease

    Darren Nichols of Rock Hill, SC contracted the Alpha Gal disease after being bitten by a Lone Star tick while on a hunting trip to Texas in May 2017. It’s changed his life — and his family’s life — drastically, and they would like other hunters to know about it, especially since the Lone Star tick has been found in both Carolinas, as well as many other states.

    August 07 at 8:05pm

    Keep it simple food-plot strategy

    Food-plot productivity and success is mostly a factor of pure science. Growing a hearty food plot is a product of complex chemical reactions through a laundry list of catalysts required to make the engine roar. While growers can plan everything out down to the number of seeds and the pounds of fertilizer, Mother Nature is still in the driver’s seat. 

    August 05 at 9:00am

    North Carolina's 2018-19 Fishing, Hunting regulations now available

    The NCWRC has released its 2018-19 Inland Fishing, Hunting & Trapping regulations digest, and it is available for download from their website. You can also request a copy of the regulations be mailed to your home.

    August 02 at 1:31pm

    Carolina Deer Preview 2018

    If you haven’t started thinking about deer hunting yet, you’re already way behind.

    August 01 at 7:00am

    Off Grid Tools’ Survival Axe

    My son, the Eagle Scout, is in his late 20s now, but I can only imagine how he’d have been the toast of his troop 10 years ago if he’d showed up at camp with an Off Grid Tools’ survival axe.

    August 01 at 7:00am

    Birchwood Casey’s Bushwacker Rimfire Target

    I inherited a .22 WMR rifle several years ago upon the death of my father-in-law, and until a few weeks ago, I didn’t really shoot it very much because I’m not all that keen on punching holes in paper just for fun.

    August 01 at 7:00am

    Longhorned tick found in North Carolina

    A new species of tick has found its way to North Carolina. 

    July 31 at 4:11pm