• Carolina Hunting

    Comparing shotgun loads for turkeys

    One well-known turkey hunter who wished to remain anonymous once discussed different shotgun loads for gobblers this way: “The only reason I don’t shoot 4-inch shells is because they don’t make them.” 

    March 15 at 8:00am

    Broadheads for turkeys

    Having the right gear is part and parcel to using archery equipment to take a turkey. 

    March 15 at 8:00am

    The pros and cons of turkey decoys

    Hunters typically fall into one of two camps when it comes to using turkey decoys: those who swear by them and those who don’t want the hassle of carrying them into the woods and setting them up.

    March 15 at 8:00am

    When things gets tough, scratch out a tom

    Hunters love it when a turkey plan comes together right off the get-go, but sometimes a wary old gobbler will tease you with booming gobbles, but sit tight on his turf. Instead of scratching your noggin for answers, just simply scratch…literally.

    March 15 at 8:00am

    Patterning your shotgun

    One of the most-overlooked aspects of hunting with a smoothbore is the act of getting a good pattern for your shotgun.

    March 15 at 8:00am

    Put the sneak on a gobbler

    Custom call-maker Joey Murphy of Linwood, N.C., said some gobblers haven’t read the ‘how-to’ books on turkey hunting. They frequently play by a different set of rules.

    March 15 at 8:00am

    Team up on tough turkeys

    Turkey hunting can be the ultimate solitary hunting sport, but sometimes two hunters are better than one.

    March 15 at 8:00am

    2017 Carolina Coyote Classic a huge success

    The 2017 Carolina Coyote Classic was a huge success, with an increase in participation by 23 hunters, and a total of 10 more coyotes being weighed in than the previous year. 134 hunters participated in this year’s event, 51 coyotes were harvested, and 43 coyotes were officially weighed in.

    March 14 at 7:16pm

    Kill your scent for hog hunting success

    Hog hunting season never ends in the Carolinas, and March is a great month to target bacon on the hoof. Whether you are hunting with a firearm, bow, or dogs and knives, one tip can help you bag more hogs.

    March 14 at 5:47pm

    Five turkey calls every hunter must have in their vests

    Charles Hudson, a South Carolina turkey hunting legend from the tiny town of Travelers Rest, carries so many calls in vest that he “can barely walk around.”

    But asked to choose which ones he would carry if he could carry only five, Hudson said to carry the ones you are most proficient with. All things being equal, he chose these five:

    March 13 at 2:15pm