• Carolina Hunting

    8-year-old bags first buck with help of cell phone

    Kennady Bearden decided she wanted to go deer hunting, but there was a problem. All of 8-years-old, she could hold her daddy's .270 deer rifle to her shoulder and reach the trigger, but she could not get close enough to the scope to see through it.

    November 06 at 11:40am

    Trip to refresh corn pile leads to 140-class buck for Riegelwood hunter

    Preston Porter of Riegelwood, N.C. killed a giant 8-point buck that green-scored 140 6/8 inches in Columbus County on Oct. 26 at 10 a.m., and while he prides himself on putting in a lot of time and hard work when deer hunting, he has no problem admitting this trophy buck was more a product of luck than anything else.

    November 05 at 7:47pm

    Food plots shine as winter arrives

    Deer and other wildlife demand rich nutrient sources throughout the year to fuel their daily requirements. For most of the Carolinas, Mother Nature provides adequate groceries in areas where wildlife populations are balanced. 

    November 05 at 9:00am

    Orange County hunter drops 160-inch monster

    Andrew Purcell had two big surprises at about 6:15 on Sunday, Oct. 28, sitting in a box blind in the middle of a field, looking down from his tower at several deer feeding out to his right.

    November 04 at 9:26pm

    Gaffney hunter had place, time right for encounter with huge 9-pointer

    Right place, right time.

    That about sums up the hunt for Curtis Piper of Gaffney who took a high 120-class 9-point that weighed well over 200 pounds in Chester County opening weekend.

    November 04 at 9:12pm

    Pilot hunter kills massive-racked 6-point buck

    Six-point bucks are a dime a dozen in the Carolinas, but every now and then, a hunter will see one that can really make them raise their eyebrows. Jordan Denton of Pilot, N.C. saw one on Oct. 30 that made him raise his eyebrows, and his Browning A-Bolt .270. Denton killed the buck with a 150-yard lung shot that he took free-handed from his modified climbing stand in Franklin County.

    November 04 at 8:39pm

    White Cross hunter kills 143-inch trophy buck on first trip to new property

    On Oct. 28, one week after securing permission to hunt a new property near his home in Chatham County, Blaine Sturdivant of White Cross, N.C. killed a 143-inch 8-point buck on his initial hunting trip to the location. The buck’s rack had an 18-inch inside spread and G2s that measured 12 inches in length.

    November 01 at 11:24pm


    Dylan Martin of Stoneville, N.C., killed a potential North Carolina state-record crossbow buck when he took this 171-inch Rockingham County buck on Sept. 8.

    November 01 at 7:00am

    Time for the big duck migration

    Even though waterfowl hunters got a brief chance to bag a few ducks over the past two months, the meat of the season doesn’t arrive until now. 

    November 01 at 7:00am

    Climb for the prize

    If you were to survey any given piece of hunting property, there are areas that cry out to be hunted. A majority of the times, these areas are soon saddled with a permanent hunting stand, be it a ladder, box or other permanent fixture. A hunter may even take one or more deer from that stand the next season, or it may be one of those rare stands that produces every season. But the reason that site was chosen is because it looked good to the hunter, not because it was conducive to the deer.

    November 01 at 7:00am