• Carolina Hunting

    N.C. hunter kills antelope-like 4-point buck on public land

    Neal Collie of Nashville, N.C. knows that antelope don’t live in the Carolinas, but after he killed a 4-point buck with a unique rack during a trip to the Upper Roanoke River Game Lands, he was almost convinced otherwise. The “Antelope Buck” he killed while on a guy’s getaway looked strikingly similar to the popular western game animal.

    November 26 at 2:05pm

    6-year-old Easley girl follows dad's footsteps, kills 9-point buck

    Easley, S.C.'s Zach Phillips killed the biggest buck of his life last month. It was a proud moment for him after pursuing the buck for more than a year and taking great care to not pressure the buck unnecessarily. 

    November 22 at 6:36pm

    Alternate route leads Belews Creek hunter to 144-inch, 12-point buck

    When Brandon Dimont of Belew’s Creek, NC jumped a big buck on his usual path to his box stand on the opening weekend of muzzleloader season, he knew he would need to find an alternate route for the future. Two weeks later, on Nov. 11, he snuck in the back way and laid down a 144-inch, Alamance County 12-point. 

    November 22 at 4:47pm

    DTX fulfills the Hype

    Not many years ago, compound bows offered little in terms of adjustability. Most models featured only 10 pounds of draw-weight range, and at most, only 3 inches of draw-length adjustment. For many first-time archers, this meant starting out shooting a higher draw weight than they were comfortable with so they wouldn’t have to purchase new limbs for a higher poundage later.  Worse yet, parents of youngsters who were still growing often had to purchase several bows before their child reached adulthood.  

    November 22 at 9:00am

    Last chance hunt yields huge Anderson County buck for S.C. hunter

    “All I saw was horns walking into the field.” That's how Tom Addley described his first sight of the 135-plus class buck he shot Oct. 16 on a private lease in Anderson County. “He had a very high rack. As soon as I saw him I knew he was a shooter.”

    November 20 at 2:55pm

    Durham, N.C. hunter kills trophy 12-point buck

    Cody Beaver of Durham learned the value of patience when he stayed after his biggest buck, a 12-pointer on Nov. 5, and it paid off for him.

    November 20 at 2:35pm

    Walhalla hunter kills S.C. record book buck in Oconee County

    The morning of Saturday, Nov. 11 turned out to be the best deer hunt Roy Mckenzie of Walhalla has ever had in South Carolina.

    November 20 at 2:04pm

    Fatal attraction helps Carthage, N.C. hunter bag his biggest buck

    For Jake Oakley of Carthage, N.C., the last few minutes of shooting light during the afternoon of Nov. 14 proved to be just enough to get a solid shot on a monster 13-point buck he had been after for several weeks. Scoring out at 145 inches and two inches larger than his previous buck, his new personal best is one of the largest bucks taken out of Harnett County, this year. 

    November 20 at 1:40pm

    Murrells Inlet hunter kills 140-inch, 8-point buck in Marion County

    Jay Garner of Murrells Inlet, S.C. is on cloud nine after drilling a 194-grain bullet into a monster 8-pointer he had been pursuing since December of 2016. For weeks, Garner had this deer’s every movement on his stand documented and categorized in a spreadsheet. And when the time was right, Garner pulled the trigger at 6:20 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 11. 

    November 19 at 7:56am

    NC hunter bags big 10-point buck in Wayne County

    When Jeff Pierce of Grantham, NC passed up a long-range shot at the biggest buck he had ever seen, he was afraid he had missed his opportunity — but he made the right call. The next day, Oct. 30, he closed the distance and dropped the 133 6/8-inch Wayne County 10-point that had 2 drop tines.

    November 16 at 4:01am