• Carolina Hunting

    College bowhunter takes big Granville County buck

    Josh Lawler killed this 10-point buck in Granville County on Sept. 24.

    NCWRC asking for public's help with backyard animal survey

    A new research project of the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences and N.C. State University aims to answer a big question: What animals are found in the wildest parts of the state, in backyards and in suburbs?

    October 19 at 8:09am

    More deer hunting closures start today due to flooding

    Last week, the SCDNR closed certain portions of flooded areas to deer hunting for a 10-day period. With more areas now flooding due to runoff from rivers, other areas have now been closed. These temporary closures are intended to last 10 days also, and the SCDNR will monitor these areas and adjust that schedule accordingly.

    October 19 at 6:34am

    Kill more ducks with the Decoy Raft

    With waterfowl season quickly approaching, many hunters across the Carolinas will be using a new product on their hunts. The Decoy Raft, a product made by North Carolina's Southern Flyway Outfitters, first became available to the public early this year, and it's been a big hit with outfitters all over the U.S. and Canada, and many homegrown hunters are excited to put it to use.

    October 18 at 5:01pm

    SCNDR officers rescue countless pets during hurricane flooding

    The flooding that has taken place as a result of Hurricane Matthew is not entirely over for everyone in South Carolina. Days after the storm ended, and with bluebird skies welcoming nice weather and pretty fall days, some areas of the state had just begun to flood, thanks to runoff from the swollen rivers to their north.

    October 16 at 11:04pm

    Be selective in fertilizer choices for acidic soils

    Much of the South is covered in acidic soils, because much of the available hunting land is covered in evergreen forests and high-organic soils. But hunters can still plant good food plots and attract wildlife by using the right plants and the right nutrient plan.

    October 15 at 7:00am

    Leg bands are a duck hunter’s bird bling

    While duck hunters are among the most earnest in effort and commitment to their sport, they have little to show in terms of trophies: no impressive antlers to hang on the wall, citations to signify an outstanding catch after a day on the water. But, if you want to make a waterfowler proud, ask him about his duck bands.

    October 15 at 7:00am

    Get ready for green-winged teal during North Carolina’s early October duck season

    In addition to wood ducks, green-winged teal are likely to make an early arrival during North Carolina’s Oct. 5-8 seasaon.

    October 15 at 7:00am

    North Carolina’s early duck particulars

    • The first general duck season in North Carolina runs from Oct. 5-8, statewide. The daily bag limit is six, but only three may be wood ducks. Teal are commonly taken during the short, October season, and all six ducks in your daily limit can be teal, or teal can be combined with woodies.

    October 15 at 7:00am

    Timing South Carolina’s deer rut

    Deer biologists would love to be able to say that on Oct. 1, the rut will peak in 23 days, but it’s not that simple. Biologists often examine fetuses and can pinpoint very accurately the date of conception, but not every doe enters estrus on the same day.

    October 15 at 7:00am

    Finding buck’s core area led to tagging 2015 trophy

    Tyler Campbell of Mebane, N.C., killed one of North Carolina’s top archery bucks on Oct. 25, 2015, when he sent a broadhead through an Alamance County 11-pointer that scored 1562/8 net Boone and Crockett Club points.

    October 15 at 7:00am