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Straight Shootin
Conan O'Brien attempts to blow a duck call after receiving a lesson from Duck Commander's Phil Robertson. Conan O'Brien tries out duck calling after Duck Commander lesson
Late-night TV show host Conan O'Brien got duck-calling lessons from one of the best Tuesday night — Duck Commander's Phil Robertson. And he did OK. Or maybe not. Depends on who you ask.
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Marshall Collette of Greensboro said hunters will kill more turkeys if they tone down the volume and frequency of their calls. North Carolina turkey pro says to call less often, less loud
If Marshall Collette of Greensboro strung together all the beards from the turkeys he’s killed or called in for other hunters on a piece of rawhide, you could probably use it to measure for first downs in a football game. So when North Carolina's season opens on Saturday, April 14, Collette will, shall we say, be looking to gain extra yardage.
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Hunters who travel across North Carolina often need a change of tactics to bag a smart gobbler. All Terrain, All Turkeys
The morning hunt had been perplexing. By 8:45, only two toms had sounded off a total of four times on Arthur Dick’s 1,800-acre Willow Oaks Plantation in Rockingham County outside of Eden. “We have so many gobblers and hens here,” Dick said, “that sometimes it’s just better to set up 10 yards off an access road, commit to sitting still for an hour or two, and make a couple of clucks.”
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Thunder Chicken Thunder Chicken
Flextone Game Calls has introduced a new lightweight and easy to carry and pack turkey decoy. The Thunder Chicken ¼ Strut Jake Decoy has the realistic look hunters want in their decoy spreads without inhibiting them from moving around freely. With only the front ¼ of the turkey breast showing, customers can also add their own folded Jake fan or real fan from their last harvest to build the ultimate decoy.
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Stream bottoms are great spots to run into turkeys in the Piedmont, because their banks are often filled with acorn-producing oak trees. Prime Piedmont tactics
Tommy Kirby of Willow Oaks Plantation in Rockingham County is on the same page with his boss, Arthur Dick, when it comes to cutting down on the amount of calling a turkey hunter does and paying more attention to location.
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Ghost Hunting Calls and Lures of Marion makes a full line of turkey calls, headed by this friction call that guide Israel Gibson relies on. Ghost Hunting calls and lures
Guide Israel Gibson of Rivers Edge Outfitters in Spruce Pine is a big fan of Ghost Hunting Calls and Lures in Marion, especially the company’s friction ones.
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Young hunters watch a presentation as part of Willow Oak Plantation’s QDMA-mentored hunting program. Willow Oaks’ role in preparing future hunters
Judy Gardner, vice president of the North Carolina State Chapter of the Quality Deer Management Association, praised Arthur Dick at Willow Oaks Plantation for their commitment to helping nurture the next generation of hunters.
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Great spring days are in store for flounder anglers and turkey hunters.
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The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission is considering a proposal to add opportunities for hunters to take coyotes, in hopes of helping control their burgeoning numbers. N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission puts coyotes in the spot light
The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, already looking to do something about a growing feral swine problem in the state, has added coyotes to its “hit list.”
MORE ... moderator Joey Murphy, aka Seven tips for turkey hunting success
Joey Murphy developed a passion for hunting turkeys when he was 14, and the passion has morphed into an obsession for hunting longbeards. The 41-year old furniture maker and a moderatoralso builds his own turkey call named the “Spursuader,” a sweet-sounding, wood-friction pot call. And of course he hunts every opportunity he gets.
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Biologists believe that an increase in good habitat can help bolster quail populations on private and public lands. Commission biologist supports latest quail-restoration project
The decline of bobwhite quail in the southeast and in North Carolina has been increasingly alarming to sportsmen.
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N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission seizes illegally-held deer
The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission on Thursday, March 15 seized and euthanized four adult whitetail deer being held without permit or license in Iredell County.
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