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Straight Shootin
The care exercised by the hunter after the hunt will play a large role in the quality of the mount the taxidermist can provide. Local 'tax tips'
For its widespread abundance across North Carolina, many waterfowl hunters still relish the thought of commemorating a wood duck hunt by having one of the brightly colored drakes mounted.
MORE ... users named this photo as the winner of the monthly Trail Cam Contest. ‘DuFHuntin’ wins monthly Trail Cam Contest
A photo of an owl swooping down on a doe was selected as the best of the best in the October edition of the Trail Cam Contest by the site’s users. User “DuFHuntin” entered the image, and received 53 percent of the votes cast in the monthly contest.
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Keith Davis of eastern Alamance County nailed this 150-class eight-pointer with one shot during opening day of North Carolina’s piedmont muzzleloader season.
Alamance County gives up monster 8-pointer
Opening day morning of central North Carolina’s two-week muzzleloader deer hunting season was something of a bust. A cold front that eventually became the storm that dumped a foot of unexpected snow on New York and New England, breaking existing records for October, roared across the state Oct. 29 from southwest to northeast, pushing pelting rain in front of it.
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Parker Hawkins of Raleigh nailed this buck within a good bow shot of downtown Raleigh.
Technology works for Wake buck hunter
Modern technology — GPS, cell phones, satellite imagery maps — might not be able to put a trophy buck in your sights. But they come a darn sight closer than anything else, if you know what you’re doing. Take, for instance, John “Parker” Hawkins of Raleigh.
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Feral hogs are spreading across North Carolina, and hunters are being encouraged to harvest every one they can. Here, piggy, piggy, piggy
If you aren’t aware that feral pigs are taking over North Carolina, let this serve as your warning they are. The situation has advanced to the point that, effective this past Oct. 1, the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission removed the wild boar classification from hogs in six western counties and classified all wild swine in the state as feral. With this classification, there are no limits or seasonal restrictions for shooting feral hogs.
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Mebane's Alan Webb won the first round of the North Carolina Sportsman Bag-a-Buck Contest with this photo of a nice buck he killed on Sept. 18. Mebane man wins opening round of Bag-a-Buck Contest
Alan Webb of Mebane made a small move the evening of Sept. 18, and it wound up being a good one. “I had hunted the day before; my dad and I have a ladder stand about 75 yards back off the edge of a cornfield – one of the few cornfields in the area,” he said. “The deer I saw that evening were all along the edge of the field. I saw one buck and thought it was a 10-pointer. They were all out of range.”
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The majority of migrating waterfowl will enter the Carolinas in the latter portions of the season. Get your duck ponds ready
The first few days of the Atlantic Flyway’s 60-day duck season have come and gone, with lower-than-expected success reported from hunters across the region. Even though a portion of the migrating flock crossed into the Carolinas in October, the majority of the early season harvest was resident birds as always, with a few green-wing and blue-wing teal taken in coastal areas. The major flocks are still yet to arrive, and there is still time for hunters to put the last few finishing touches on impoundments and duck holes before the first major migratory wave arrives.
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November is when the peak of the rut or breeding season occurs across most of North Carolina. ’Tis the Season
With apologies to those waiting for Dec. 25, Christmas arrives in November every year for deer hunters in North Carolina.
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On Beaver Pond
Nestled deep in the hardwoods of Stanly County, a creek winds its way through the countryside, finally merging with the Yadkin River. Along its course, a smaller tributary stood bloated and still behind an impoundment not of human construction. Veteran duck hunter Mike Davis of Albemarle remained completely motionless and hidden along the banks as the pre-dawn November darkness gave way to the cries of the morning.
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Hot Wings Decoy Tree Hot Wings Decoy Tree
Great Day’s Hot Wings Decoy Tree positions five spinning wing decoys into a group that gives the appearance of multiple ducks landing. The Decoy Tree attachment points are designed to accommodate either duck or dove decoys — making it equally effective for two hunting seasons. Constructed of aircraft aluminum, the Decoy Tree weighs only 3 pounds and disassembles for compact transport and storage.
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Mature bucks vigorously rub traditional signpost trees used through the years. The Old Traditional Deer Rub
The rut is close. By procreative instinct, a mature hefty 8-pointer traverses the land. Ascending a bluff ridge, the persistent male steadily climbs the steep vegetative terrain with ease. His path is precise; the buck has ventured the topography many times before. Although he periodically stops to investigate a few licking branch scrapes and flehmens doe urine, he directs his attention toward old trees with distinguished markings.
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Bucks are on the prowl this month in one of the Tarheel State’s best counties for whitetails; take advantage of their potential boo-boos. Northampton’s Rut Central
North Carolina deer hunters have three basic options for hunting during November’s rut: private land, public game lands and hunting lodges.
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