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  • My 2012 Buck I took hunting with Don In Rockingham

    This is the Buck I shot while Hunting with Don this year...he looks impressive here and every time I look at the Euro I did of him on my Mantle, I think about what he would have been this year with the little drop he had going on and the tine length...We will never know!! Turn volume down...Don's camera speaker was on the brink lol
    Pretty Deer
    Thats a nice 8 point man. Glad you finally connected with a nice one this past season man. I know you had a few rough times this past year but you got through em!!
    nice buck.... cool video
    nice 8 pt , nuttin wrong with that deer man. it's cool to have video of him.. how long after video did ya get'em ?
    really was a nice one. Congrats again
    Thanks everyone
    joco...I think he started showing up on trail Cam Videos on Oct 29 and I got him about a week later about 300/400 yards from this Plot. I had another nice Buck walk up to me on the ground at less than 6 yards but he heard me cock my Muzzle-loader lol...It was my stupid mistake again...The wind was blowing good and he came to a Buck Bomb also...It could have been this Buck but I'm not sure....Video settings on the cams is the way to go...You miss alot with Pictures.

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