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  • Purdy Bird

    I'm really excited - this is the 1st tom I've ever got on any of my cams like this.
    He was on this cam 2 mornings in a row and I think he likes the cam cuz he stayed right out in front of it (hens in the background). I was really hoping to hear him gobble on one of the videos but he didn't - maybe next time. lol
    I'll upload a video later, just don't have time right now.
    Hope he sticks around.
    bad news
    Unfortunately this yote likes the same area. He's lickin my darn salt block - gonna have to bust him.
    Nice gobbler you have there Justin. I think I would move that salt block til turkey season is over.Best of luck to you and your son.
    GOTTA LOVE THAT!!!!! Good Luck!!!!...I need to get me a Mineral Block Decoy...I think he's in love!!!!!!
    Looks like he has a thing for the salt lick though.......Maybe he has bad eyesight? LOL! :)
    lmbo @ the mineral block decoy. Here's a video of him - looks like he knew the camera was on him. lol
    Struttin' 2
    You can hear a few clucks on this one.
    You can here him spitting and drumming lol..I'm definitely thinking he was in love with that Mineral Rock now lol....Only 1 Gobbler showing up?
    He's the only one I've seen but he's also the 1st one I've ever seen around here. We've seen hens and jakes but hadn't ever seen a tom all fanned out like this around here. We were planning on going to a different location to turkey hunt but we might try here @ home now. lol

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