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1caswell county hunterProfile Photo
Deer Hunting in Northern North Carolina
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  • Big 8
Seen this big boy opening day out in a cutover rubbing trees wouldn't come no closer than 60 yrds. And he was allready out of velvet
20 minutes ago
Viperx4Profile Photo
Archery in Southeast North Carolina
Ok folks, I know I'm not the only one that was in a tree Saturday morning! Where are those stories and pictures.

I managed to squeak out a doe around 8:30am in the rain. It wasn't pretty she had her head in a bush at 35 yards. The arrow deflected just as it got to her and hit her high in the backbone. I hate when that happens but, no tracking in the rain. I watched her for 40 minutes....  Read More
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Yesterday at 9:23am
JeffCProfile Photo
Bag-a-Buck Contest in North Carolina
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This is only a test
58 minutes ago
deer and duck hunterProfile Photo
Hunting in North Carolina
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finaly got a dove all by herself and then missed a 3 point with the cross bow the same day she had a ball, but she is fired up about the deer now
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Yesterday at 9:45pm
speedshadProfile Photo
Tournaments Fishing in Central North Carolina
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  • 1st Place Team with a nice 9.04 toad!!!

Saturday September 13th, 2014 ~ Jordan Lake ~ Farrington Point Wildlife Ramp

30 teams arrived to fish the The Cashion Fishing Rods 'End of Year' Team Tournament Bass Fishing Trail Qualifier #5 at Jordan Lake! We had great weather with just a spot or 2 of rain during the day. About 65 in the am and....  Read More
Yesterday at 10:56am
Viperx4Profile Photo
Butchering & Processing in Southeast North Carolina
I had family over for my wife's lasagna tonight. She used my Italian seasoned brown ground / venison. My college niece said, 'this is the best lasagna I've ever eaten'. I told her thank you. She said but, aunt Marci made it. I told her yeah but, I killed it. She said, How do you kill lasagna. Thought I was going to pee my pants. I told her it was deer meat and she said it sure is good.
This is....  Read More
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November 12, 2010 at 11:09pm
tmberlake3Profile Photo
Deer Hunting in Northern North Carolina
Photo Album
Got this cool picture off my game cam.... I thought I would share.
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September 14 at 7:10am
hawkmanProfile Photo
Archery in North Carolina
Hi folks,

Still considering buying a bow. Didn't last year due to $ and time. (finishing a PhD).

PhD finished, but $ still an issue.

My local bow shop, of which I've heard great things, and treated me really really well when I just stepped in to check it out, doesn't have much in the way of entry-level bows, in my DL (31.5). That put me into the category of $950 bare....  Read More
September 08 at 8:17am
martygarlitsProfile Photo
Tournaments Fishing in North Carolina
Photo Album
The Catawba Catfish Club had our first Tournament of the 2014-2015 season today[Saturday 9-13-14} on Lake Wateree,S.CWe had a record crowd show up today,we broke the previous record of 41 Boats with 49 Boats showing up today to fish.We had a total of 111 Paying Anglers and 6 Kids competing for a Total Pot of $2220 and a Big Fish Pot of $480..We had cloudy skies with a threat Thunderstorms all....  Read More
September 14 at 2:16pm
ncgolferProfile Photo
Trail Cam Photos in Southeast North Carolina
Photo Album
Nice buck sheds his velvet in a few nights. Neat to see how fast it comes off
September 08 at 9:59pm
deathwindProfile Photo
Deer Hunting in Eastern North Carolina
I used preorbital scent from Smokey, and have used it for several years and it has brought in the does and then the bucks, of all ages. I am a firm believer in preorbital scent. I usually start it in July, and always keep very clean and I used it around field edges. I break some branches that are the right height. Always keep clean and use rubber gloves and boots. We have cattle so besides the....  Read More
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September 13 at 9:37am
deathwindProfile Photo
Public Lands in Eastern North Carolina
Just moved here from Missouri and love to hunt. I am a senior citizen and have a limp or gimp for the moment. Getting ready to go to surgery soon for hip replacement. Would like to kill a deer with bow before middle of November and surgery. I can suck it up to hunt. Just need a place, so if you need a partner or know a good public place I can get to, will be much apprecitated. Have a great day....  Read More
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September 13 at 8:59am
Capt JerryProfile Photo
Kayak Fishing in Southeast North Carolina
Photo Album
  • Mark Patterson waits for a Spanish mackerel bite while fishing about 500 yards east of Ocean Crest P
The Southeast Coast is reeling from the monsoon rains of last week, but there are a few places where the fish have escaped the dirty water pouring down the Cape Fear River and are biting. One of the fish that are biting well is Spanish mackerel. Puppy drum and flounder are biting well and spots are beginning to show for pier fishermen in growing numbers. There have even been a few reports of....  Read More
October 05, 2010 at 10:29am
carolinasProfile Photo
Hog Hunting in Outside North Carolina
I recently went on a hog hunt with Cherokee Run Outfitters in SC. Upon arrival it seemed to be a decent hunting lodge. Well as it turns out the hunting wasnt very good. No hogs to be seen by 8 hunters over two days. The outfitter actually went out and baited the property that we hunted and were going to hunt that evening the first afternoon we were there at our break from the woods? Throughout....  Read More
February 22, 2012 at 5:06pm
SoundneckProfile Photo
Turkey Hunting in Northeastern North Carolina
Photo Album
Managed to limit this year, seems like we hit the weather right again this year, Good luck to all this fishin season, the drum and trout are not in NENC yet but I'm hopeful it won't be long
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May 12 at 5:06am
jager1Profile Photo
Turkey Hunting in Southern North Carolina
Photo Album
Shot this turkey in Hoke County on 8 May 2014 at 0650 hrs. His WT 28 lbs. 11/2 inch spurs, 10 inch beard.
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May 15 at 10:12am
Viperx4Profile Photo
Archery in Southeast North Carolina
Twas' the night before bow season and all through the house, everyone was scurrying, even the mouse! The washer was washing the hunting clothes to kill scent and mom was wondering where the money all went. As I nervously replied that it went for some hunting stuff, she turned away without even a huff! She to remembered September last year, when I started bringing home all kinds of deer. Back....  Read More
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September 11 at 7:51pm
akeislerProfile Photo
Trail Cam Photos in Central North Carolina
Photo Album
  • Curious 8 pointer
Curious 8 pointer posing for the camera
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September 09 at 9:40am
tmberlake3Profile Photo
Deer Hunting in Northern North Carolina
Photo Album
  • Nice 10 and 8
  • 10 point
Looking forward to a Crack at these two bucks this archery season.
September 09 at 1:18pm
NybassProfile Photo
Bass Fishing in North Carolina
Hey my name is Robert Mahoney, I am 24 and new in town, I'm currently in raliegh for a few weeks helping my sister get settled in (just moved from ny) I'm considering moving down here myself. And I would be moving almost solely for the fishing. I don't have a boat down here yet or much money to cash out on a rental, but I do have my gear with me and my nc license. If anyone would like....  Read More
September 12 at 8:42am

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