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Report is Stickied. Sportsman AdminProfile Photo
Hunting in North Carolina
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North Carolina Sportsman and Meopta are giving away two riflescopes for our November facebook contest.

Check it out here:
November 12 at 11:03pm
Rev. Rick AutenProfile Photo
Bag-a-Buck Contest in Central North Carolina
Photo Album
Earlier during bow season I shot at this deer with a crossbow and thought I hit a tree instead. This past weekend, I had a second chance and made a perfect shot with the cross bow on this seven pointer. When looking the rack, I realized that the bolt had not hit a tree earlier in the season but had hit the base of the antlers of this deer. He's not a wall hanger, but a was a hard hunted deer.
2 hours ago
abom03Profile Photo
Bag-a-Buck Contest in Central North Carolina
Photo Album
Rowan county 8 point
6 hours ago
Scott HedrickProfile Photo
Bag-a-Buck Contest in North Carolina
Photo Album
A true mature buck with six dished teeth. Taken on Thanksgiving morning. He was on hes way in to a bedding area to check three doe. I couldnt be happier with this harvest
6 hours ago
Seth YorkProfile Photo
Bag-a-Buck Contest in Central North Carolina
Photo Album
At 8:30 AM on 11/28/2015 I did a few rattling sequences and grunted a few times. A few minutes later I noticed a deer headed my direction about 60 yards away. At 25 yards I took the shot with the deer quartering forward me. He ran about 50 yards and crashed into a cutover. He's a 5 1/2 year old 9 pointer with beautiful chocolate horns. The base of his antlers are 5 inches around and his....  Read More
15 hours ago
GoblrgetrProfile Photo
Contests in Outside North Carolina
Photo Album
' The Licking Branch ' This trail cam photo was taken will I was sitting in a tree stand on a recent hunt in Ohio. The 8 pointer was working the licking branch and scrape, with a smaller 10 pointer in the foreground. Saw a lot of deer that day with 5 bucks checking that one scrape.
17 hours ago
jabez88Profile Photo
Bag-a-Buck Contest in Southeast North Carolina
Photo Album
After 3 years of seeing this buck on camera I finally got my shot on the 17th of Nov at 5PM. He was running around the property for the first daytime movement of the year. I heard him coming across the overgrown field at 4:30 after a couple tending grunts and then nothing seen for the next 20 mins, until I finally caught him easing down the trail toward me. Put the Savage 308. on his shoulder....  Read More
19 hours ago
Stanley FarmerProfile Photo
Bag-a-Buck Contest in Central North Carolina
Photo Album
Thanksgiving day I was hunting in Rockingham County when around 4:30P.M. this 9 pointer came out of the pines chasing a doe. He had a 19 1/2 in inside spread.
Yesterday at 8:54am
DefibProfile Photo
Deer Hunting in Eastern North Carolina
Photo Album
Biggest deer I have ever gotten. Killed him Monday evening. Did not find him until Tuesday. Shot him at 320 yards with 308. The picture of him standing was taken 2 hours before I got him. The camera belonged to another hunter and is about 600 yards from where I shot him.
November 28 at 12:12pm
deathwindProfile Photo
Hunting in Eastern North Carolina
This morning Saturday,Nov. 28.2015, I got up early and went to the handicapped blind off of Shaw Hwy. in Pender county. It is about a half mile past the entrance to Holly Shelter off of Shaw Hwy. This is my first time hunting there this deer season, I checked the day before and they had put back the damaged blind. So I was really fired up. After waiting for daylight to get there and warm up it....  Read More
November 28 at 10:00am
ejtheuProfile Photo
Public Lands in Eastern North Carolina
Are there any groups/hunt clubs who use hounds on the public lands in the Croatan Forest or other gamelands around New Bern/Jacksonville? A buddy of mine and I are looking to join up and hunt with folks who use hounds. Would not mind helping out with dog food.
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May 18, 2014 at 4:35pm
KillerkeithProfile Photo
Deer Hunting in North Carolina
Photo Album
Killed this nice 8 point in Moore county on a late morning hunt when the moon was underfoot called him in and he was ready for a fight. Took him down with my 270 and dropped him right where he was standing. He weighed in at 164 and scored 141 3/8
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November 27 at 9:03pm
Smith7seasProfile Photo
Bag-a-Buck Contest in North Carolina
Photo Album
My 11 year old Collin R Smith killed his first deer.Was a 9 point weighing in around 190. We live in oakboro Nc
November 27 at 3:38pm
firehose315Profile Photo
Bag-a-Buck Contest in Central North Carolina
Photo Album
It was Thanksgiving morning in Rockingham County about 8:15A.M. when this 8 pointer came out of the pines chasing a doe and fighting off a 3 pointer all at the same time. He stood still long enough to for me to take him. He had a 16 1/2 inside spread and weighed 160lbs.
November 27 at 11:45am
PUNGOKNKProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Eastern North Carolina
Photo Album
We had three great days fishing on 11/16 -11/18. I caught this nice citation 28' long, 14' girth, 7 lb 8 1/2 oz speckled trout on 11/18, along with a 18.25' puppy drum. Sad part is I lost one close to this size yesterday that Gordon caught and I was the net man, got it in the net, it came out and left the plug in the net. At least Gordon did not kill me for it. Gordon and I have been fishing....  Read More
November 27 at 6:20am
StaceyRProfile Photo
Bag-a-Buck Contest in Central North Carolina
Photo Album
November 14th, I was shopping with my sister when I received a text from my boyfriend, Braden, who was out of town visiting friends. He asked if I was going hunting. Indecisive about what I should do, I told him that I did not like going alone. When I have hunted alone in the past, he would walk me to the stand and then walk and get me out of the stand once it was dark outside. He responded by....  Read More
November 25 at 11:01am
Todd CochraneProfile Photo
Bag-a-Buck Contest in Central North Carolina
Photo Album
This is my biggest buck ever....A big 9 pointer that green scored 149. Took him on 11/21/15, deer of a lifetime!!!!!
November 24 at 9:59pm
William westerProfile Photo
Bag-a-Buck Contest in Eastern North Carolina
Photo Album
My 17 year old daughter was using a grunt call. This is what caused the buck to come up. She was 200 yards away in another stand and the deer was heading her way. However there was no way of knowing if this big brute would walk all the way to her, so I decided to take the shot. He was killed in harnett county on November 21st 2015 at 4:55 pm with a 30-06 and was dropped where he stood 75 yards....  Read More
November 24 at 8:13pm
Tanner OliverProfile Photo
Bag-a-Buck Contest in North Carolina
Photo Album
We all had a great weekend of hunting
November 24 at 7:33am
Jason MotleyProfile Photo
Deer Hunting in Eastern North Carolina
Photo Album
200 lb 10 point. Typical 5 x 5. This deer came in at 6:30 am while hunting with my wife. He gave me a broadside shot at about 50 yards. After the shot I waited about an hour and found a little blood so decided to back out for 4 hours. When I came back my wife tracked light blood trail for about 75 yards where he was laying. Truly blessed to have taken such a beautiful animal and the best part is....  Read More
November 23 at 8:25pm
B and D Hunt ClubProfile Photo
Site Sponsor B and D Hunt Club
Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Eastern North Carolina
Photo Album
The ducks are showing up ! we still have January openings.
Check out our web site at : www.B and D Hunt
November 23 at 11:50am
BWoodringProfile Photo
Bag-a-Buck Contest in Central North Carolina
Photo Album
I've been hunting him for two seasons, but never could get on the same schedule. So, I decided to take a few days off work, before the Thanksgiving break, to try my luck. Finally, on the evening of November 19 shortly after 5PM, he came in downwind of some does estrous scent wicks. An 85 yard shot, and 40 yards of tracking, rewarded me with my first chance to lay hands on my efforts. A main....  Read More
November 23 at 11:20am
Outlaw276Profile Photo
Bag-a-Buck Contest in Western North Carolina
Photo Album
Here in Hayeood county we have 0.35 bucks per square mile so it is hard to see any deer , no less big deer . My first bow buck , 225 lb with almost a 6 inches base, 7 inches between brow tines, Aged at over 7 years old . His mass is beautiful and un-heard of from these mountains . I have close to 60 tree hours this year into killing this buck . I couldn't be happier
November 23 at 9:00am
Rutter5315Profile Photo
Bag-a-Buck Contest in Northern North Carolina
Photo Album
I had caught this buck on cam in early summer and fell in love how much bigger he was than the other bucks around. Not the most points nor the best score but the maturity drew me to this guy! You could tell so the opening morning of gun season in the NW region in Stokes county when this hog of a buck tipping the scales at 205lbs walked out. Out smarting me several times during muzzle loading....  Read More
November 22 at 8:49pm
OliviaTProfile Photo
Bag-a-Buck Contest in Central North Carolina
Photo Album
Olivia Tuttle, of Randolph County, killed her first rack buck on November 21, 2015. She and her dad went hunting early that morning. After about an hour an a half deer started coming into sight, but Olivia told her dad she wanted to wait to kill a buck. Around 7:30 a.m. she seen a healthy mature buck. Olivia told her dad she wanted to shoot that one. She put the deer in the scope, pulled....  Read More
November 22 at 4:28pm

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