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  • Rut in Chatham County

    This is my 4th year hunting in Chatham couty now and I am pretty much decided that the major peak of rut activity has come and gone before gun season ever starts in Chatham county. I have noticed a minor peak of activity around the 2nd week of december but nothing compared to what I was used to during the primary rut phase in Warren and Pasquotank couties. I recently lost my best spot in Chatham county this year and my only other spot to hunt is full of only does and 3-6 young bucks. They are cowhorns and three pointers. The quality of these bucks has not seemed to increase over three years. Will they ever mature in to something better or are they genetically stuck for life. I have this same problem where I hunt in wake county. Right now my spot to hunt in Warren couty is just to far away from home, my two small boys and momma. When I do get to make the trek it is usually ruined by people running dogs. Which makes hunting at home in Chatham county just that much more attractive to me. Being as I am not a native of Chatham county hunting spots are hard to come by for this 5 year old Silk Hope resident. Am I set up for dissapointment this year or should I continue to watch trash bucks and patiently wait to get lucky and see something out of the norm. I may get the spot I lost back next year which has 3 good shooters. Maybe if I get to go back they will be the monster bucks that I have been dreaming of.
    I say waiting is the way to go - but everyone is different. I saw a very nice 6-point last night while still hunting, a good-bodied buck that carried a 15-inch spread. But he didn't had a great rack, but I could see that he was on his way - no question for me, let him walk. Then when three does snuck behind my stand 45 minutes later I couldn't get turned around for a shot. Great hunt - but no shot - that's deer hunting.
    Wait my friend...It will pay off
    Did you say.......
    Did you say Chatham County. Dude you guys have some of the biggest deer there and in Orange county. My cousins hunt there and I have. They have monster deer and about 80 deer per square mile in Duke forest. If your not seeing deer and big deer then something is bad wrong!!!!!!!
    Hey man Ive been hunting in Chatham County for 5 years now Ive let alot of bucks walk and its starting to pay off now. 2 years ago I took a really nice 10pt. and this year I took a really nice 9pt. The rutting activity Ive seen where I hunt in Chatham has always been around Thanksgiving week, the 9pt I took on the 17th was with a doe. When I took the 10pt 2 years ago I let two bucks walk an hour apart that were easily 16 in in width but not very tall, then the 10pt came out. I would wait and hang in there. Good luck to ya.
    be patient
    patience is the key when you are hunting for big mature deer. remember just because your not seeing a big deer or you dont have him on camera doesnt mean there isnt one there. plus its time for deer to be at their peak rut so a buck will go miles to find a hot doe so all it takes is for one of them many does you have to come in heat and ill promise she will have a buck with her, he might be big he might not but that my friend is why its called hunting if it happened your way every time it would be called killing instead. ive hunted for 20 years ive passed alot of young deer up that would range from 115 or lower, you have to set a bar and try to achieve it and that means biting your tongue sometimes when them young deer come through. big mature dont get big overnight and they dang sure didnt get the size they did from being stupid!! be smart hunt the right winds or use a cover scent, have easy access in and out of your stand without going by bedding areas or spooking deer, shower and use scent killer....and BE PATIENT it will pay off...good luck
    phasing out
    Think some does are still in heat shot a 7pt saturday morning chasing a doe in chatham co
    it may be phasing out but i didnt see any chasing going on till wednesday of last week.

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