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  • Lake Norman Fishing Report

    I spent the Saturday after Thanksgiving fishing for spotted bass on Lake Norman near Charlotte with Ethan Cox and Clint Benbow, two members of the NC State Basspack. We landed around 20 between the 3 of us, with most weighing between 1 and 2 pounds. Several were close to 2.5 pounds, with the majority of the fish (including most of the bigger ones) coming on scrounger heads with flukes. We also landed some on shaky heads with green pumpkin trick worms, and a couple on small crank baits.

    There was a pretty good sized tournament weighing in as we took out, and we learned that around 13 pounds was leading that event, with 11 pounds being in second place when we left. Clint and Ethan would have had around 11 pounds in their best 5. These young men are fine fisherman, and its fun to be around young people who act like I remember young people acting when I was a kid - respectful, enjoying the outdoors and obviously studying in school based on their grades so far. My message to them was to stay focused on their studies, as you only get one chance in life at a college education, so make the best of the investment that will pay off for the rest of your life.

    Next report – Fishing is out of the question this weekend as I will be in Rancho Cucamonga California on business thru Sunday. I may get out to Belews Creek for a while on Monday.

    Tip of the week – Take time to clean, grease and oil your reels while the weather is howling outside. If you don’t want to do it yourself there are several companies that perform reel cleaning for a reasonable price, usually around $10 per reel plus parts if needed.