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  • Double Droptine Buck from Rutherford County

    I have been watching and got a lot trail cam photos of a buck we called Ugly, which has a bad overbite and had a messed up rack growing in July, but all of a sudden it was like he blossomed into a trophy. The opening day of Bow Season my fiance was wanting to kill this deer so bad so i decided I wasnt going to shoot the deer until the second week of gun season if she didn't kill it. First day she went and before daylight you could hear deer eating acorns and apples in front of us, and at day break there was two does eating there, then she spotted the buck coming across the food plot with another buck, the deer came in at 23 yards and gave her a broadside shot only for the new crossbow i bought to malfunction and broke the cables and arrow flew over the deer,So after trying to calm her down and telling her it wasn' t her fault and it was the bows. Then after a Free Repair from dealer we returned and saw the buck several times but never came close to give us a shot. Finally two weeks later We decided to move to another tower stand in some pines just behind the house and right at daylight i noticed the two bucks come right in front of us and stop to eat corn giving her another shot at this buck, she couldn't see the buck good because of little light then the buck started to walk away to go bed my game camera flashed a picture causing the buck o turn back and eat corn again. By then she had plenty of light and the buck decided to walk toward our tower giving her a 10 yard shot, she squeezed the trigger and arrowed the buck right through the heart. I never forget her saying did I hit it, I said yes honey you did because I saw The blood shoot out of him and the loud thud from the Stryker 380. The deer ran about 60 yards and fell next to logging road. I have to say I think I was as much excited she shot the deer if I did myself. He was a 10 point Double drop tine with a 16.75 inch inside spread and she is the talk of the town here, but I am very very proud of her with her patience and time she put in with me scouting and watching in the stands before season.
    What a great story!! Another woman dropping a nice buck! Guys, they are beating us up pretty bad lol! So good to see when patience pays off as well as hard work. Congrats again.
    Meant To Be!!!!!
    Thanks for the play-by-play. WOW! After reading that one things stands clear. Your wife shooting that buck was meant to be after everything she went through to get him. If she didn't already know it as many hunters do....just stay with it and GOOD will eventualy come your way! Congrats again!
    Awesome buck
    That is a really cool looking buck, a great story along with a great buck at the end. Thanks for sharing great pics.
    That's awesome!!! Loved the P-B-P...Love to see a Newcomer with that heart Blood on thier Cheeks...That is 1 unique Buck and Yeah the Ladies are chalking them up Guys LOL...I'm Glad that the Use of Crossbows has Got more people in the Woods...GREAT JOB!!!!

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