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  • Deer Movement

    Ok fellow hunters.Is it just me or have the deer stopped moving.I saw lots of deer back during bow and muzzleloader and killed a nice 8 pt. opening morning of gun season.Since then not seen alot of activity,as a matter of fact I havent seen a deer in two weeks.This is not normal for where I hunt.I know its been hot but deer still gotta eat.Just wandering if its like that for anyone else.
    It's been slow for me as well. The Deer have been rooting up the last of the acorns here still when last year they were done with acorns by the second week of November. I had a big six come to my bleat call Friday morning but other than that it has been very slow for me as well. I am not even getting many pictures.
    I seen 3 Does last evening and thats the first deer i have seen in days and they came in right at dark....Didn't shoot with the threat of Rain and it's a Cut-over but did think about a 100 yard Neck shot but I left them undisturbed and slipped out.
    Out of sight
    Me too, wheres the deer? Oh, I know, hiding till dark. Get them while you can!

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