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  • Cool Video

    Found this video on another Forum I post too and I thought it was pretty cool...Especially the first Turkey clip....GT is going to love it.....I actually would not mind having it for only $10.
    Yeah Hunt&Fish365 Posted this a few weeks ago... I found this hard to believe then and I still do LOL...What's your take? Wild Birds or Not?
    I must have missed that post lol....I don't know GT...They sure didn't act like any birds that I hunt...It is hard to say though...I guess it would depend on how much human pressure is around them...Around here, if a turkey sees you walking within a quarter of a mile of them ...they are gone lol. However I have about ran a couple over that would not get off the path. Either way I can't say I have ever seen anything like that...MOst of my birds are the result of a spot n stalk but not like this one...
    Real or No real?
    Yeah Same Here...They can be 300 yards from the Road and you let off the Gas of the Truck and they take off LOL...Think they learned that from the Deer LOL...I like the Them come to me method but would love to try a Spot and Stalk but Not on Public land like I hunt LOL...I don't get many options of watching them Strut in across a Open Field...They are usually on me when I finally se them LOL

    Hey rawdawg, Shared a P-B-P...Check it out Pretty neat Hunt!!!!
    Yeah I don't imagine that is the best approach on Public Land lol!!!

    I will check out that P by P...Thanks man!!