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  • Falls Lake

    Moved to NC last year, didnt get much time to fish as my wife was well into her pregnancy. Now my son is 4 months old, and the canoe is out with new trolling motor and seats (neither mounted yet) and getting excited to get on some water! Any helpful tips for a mountain trout fishermen at a new home lake? Anything will help!!!
    WELCOME to the site NC_FishandHunt and Good Luck in your Future outings..I myself am Not too Familiar with the Fishing areas around Raleigh But Drop in from time to Time and I'm sure someone Can and Will steer you in the Right Direction...Just don't try to get any Turkey 'Honey Holes' out of them LOL...They seem to get tighter than a Fishing Knot when it comes to that LOL...........Good Luck!!!!
    welcome to the site.I don't know much about the trout fishing in the area,but Jordan lake is nearby and is great fishing lake.I usually go there in the spring and the fall for camping/fishing trip.Good bass fishing and even better crappie fishing.The state campground there is really nice too.Good luck, and again welcome to the site.
    I have been reading, and watching your bass pro shop video GT pretty good calls there man! I have been wanting to buy a bow and start doing some hunting, have been shooting for years, and love shooting the squirrels with a fast pellet gun! :) Been thinking about going out to butner for a walk and stalk a few furrys and get a fell for turkeys or even deer. So does the tree stand regs only apply to rifles? What great areas for turkeys or deer?
    Thanks NCFandH, Yeah My friend and fellow Poster of this site, 'Bearice'.. Kinda set me up on that Bass Pro deal LOL...He was over-head in the Archery Station looking down but I know he is sitting at Home right Now Practicing to that little Video he made LOL...Another Frequent Poster to this Site is 'Chad B' and Buddy, Let me tell Ya... He has Knocked a BIG Dent in the Squirrel population this Year...Think the last I remember , He had took 103..Just From the Butner Game lands, Not counting the other Lands he Hunts LOL...He might have left you a few. Yeah Turkey Hunting is by far my Biggest Passion but I also LOVE Bow Hunting But with recent Shoulder Pain during Cooler weather, I used a Crossbow this Year and I'll admit...It just didn't feel right but still a Load of Fun...Had countless shot opportunities but only Took 2 Deer with it....Like I said, Drop in at your convenience and I'm sure you will learn alot...Some Great People on here as well....In the meantime, Check out the Forum of Older Post Like Chad B's Great Squirrel Hunts and Diane's AWESOME Fishing excursions....Shes a Pro LOL
    I have read most of the updated conversations, everyone seems great, if anyone is around and has room for one more, let me know I would be more than EXCITED TO TAG ALONG! :)
    You are very close to the deer belt of NC. Lots of nice deer up your way and a little west of you 'Chatham and Orange County'. I'm a little south of you...Roseboro which is between Fayetteville and Clinton.

    Falls is a good lake as well as Sharon Harris. Sharon Harris has some Bow Only hunting land however I have never tried them. Too many deer here in Sampson county. Check Lake Wheeler as well. It's a sun up til sundown private lake which is the only downside but I have pulled some big bass out of their. My best day ever fishing I caught 2 8 pounders a 6 and a 4 in 15 minutes. That will probaly never happen again.

    Check out 'Sawmillman and JTR' both members in your area!
    Can't wait to meet a few of you!! Anyone know anyone selling a decent starter compound? Thinking about going out Sunday to fish and walk some trails :)
    I don't know anyone looking to sell one right now but check craigslist. I've seen several on there and sometimes you'll find a really good deal just because someone needs some cash. I've got several deals on deer stands over the past couple years like that.

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