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Good Evening everyone,
I am a new user on here but have been looking at this website for a long time. I decided tonight to become a member because I read some posts from back in mid Oct about dog hunting. Ladies and gents, please understand that it is the 10% that give us a bad name. My club uses all the meat, including inner loins, we dont shoot bucks under 15 in wide or its a 50 dollar fine, then 2 nd time is 100 plus 2 week ban, then 3 rd time your out. Thats just a few ways we attemt to do the right thing. Rest assured we all still hunt as well. We fo it mostly to hear that sound of the hounds and the comraderee of our friends and family. For those ant dog folks, you better understand that there are still hunters who are doing things that are wrong as well. Please, lets stand together to protect our beloved sport and heritage and together, and only together can we weed out the 10 % from both sides. I hope and pray we will all come together before we end up loosing our right that has been paid for in blood and sacrifice in the defense of our great nation.

Thank you and happy hunting and good luck to all.
October 30, 2012 at 9:59pm
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Posted October 30, 2012 at 10:58pm

Your right man,its that 10% that gives us all a bad name,and ive said it before we need to all stick together,who cares how we hunt as long as its legal.

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Posted October 31, 2012 at 7:52am
just saying

i'm all for standing together but when your dogs come on my property and chase my deer out it just pisses me off. if you can't get your dog to stay on your property then don't use dogs. i hunt for food, not for trophy animal. that includes fish, squirrels, dove, ducks, turkey. just as long as the season is in, i'm hunting to stock up. so for me, i hate dog hunting because it ruins my hunt for food for weeks, sometime months.

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Posted October 31, 2012 at 8:26am
Dog hunting is okay for some

I know there is a place for dog hunters and their little buddies but not near me. Couple of weeks ago I hunted the game land at Suggs Mill pond in Bladen county and the dogs were chasing anything and everything right across the property into the hunting clubs land that borders it. Why does the state wildlife division issuse permits for these folks? They sit in their trucks with loaded shotguns waiting for the deer to run to them on state gamelands. Where are the state enforcers with ticket books? I had put in hours of time to scout and setup throughout the fall waiting for a chance to get a deer and now the deer are spooked and no longer walking during the day because they are nocturnal now.I'm done with hunting on gamelands now because the NC Division of Wildlife will not do their job and maybe I should ask for a refund so I can buy the dog hunters a bag of ALPO. Dog hunting screws up the true still hunters and not the ones that run dogs until one in the afternoon and then climb a tree so the can say they still hunt.

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Posted October 31, 2012 at 9:03am
No problem here

Personally I don't have a problem with it. I hunt land bordering a dog hunting club where they turn out 4 to 8 packs of dogs at a time. It has not hurt my chances, I still see plenty of deer if not more. The deer move around more, and if the dogs run the deer out of your area, it will be back, if its alive.

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Posted October 31, 2012 at 10:53am

huntingforfood you may own the land but you do not own the deer until you harvest it leagly and tag it. All the deer belong to the taxpayers of NC, they just reside on your land until they are harvested. If you do not harvest it and tag it legaly, the State can and will take possession of any deer they find to be taken illegally.

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Posted October 31, 2012 at 11:57am
trying to educate me?

@ncdogman, man...i hate it when you think i just shot deer and not tag it. my brother is an ADA (assitance district attorney) here. I know the law. it's my deer until it's in somebody else property then it's their deer. don't talk about tagging and state rules when you don't know me. all i'm saying is it ruin my hunt for food.

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Posted October 31, 2012 at 12:59pm

I did not say or imply that you have not been tagging deer. I was just saying that until you harvest it and tag it, it belongs to the state. Deer can come and go as they wish. Fish that are in a pond belong to you as you can conatian them on your land. I was just letting you know that they are not Your deer they belong to all of the citizens on NC.

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Posted October 31, 2012 at 7:28pm

AS many users of this site probably know I support dog hunting. I smetimes dont comment on these dog conversations but I feel I should stand up for it.

@ redneck and Nogoles I agree 110% we got to stick together before there is no hunting and its the 10% that give us a bad name.

@ Midnightshadowcat you say you put hours of time in hunting but what you dont understand is that most dog owners put tons of time and money into their dogs its actually a lot of work to have a good pack of dogs and you say people that dog hunt during the day and still hunt in the evening are not real hunters well maybe they just love the outdoors. You also say people sit in their truck and wait for the deer well you couldnt be more wrong the deer dont just magically aper in front of you it takes some moving and knowledge to be successful time and time again.

@ ncdogman couldnt agree more nobody owns a wild deer until its dead.

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Posted October 31, 2012 at 7:50pm

I grew up in PA and if you got caught hunting with dogs up there, you'd probably end up in jail. That said, there are old methods there (like gand hunting) that many may not agree with either. We had the first 2 days of buck season off school for crying out loud! Reason being, if we didn't, nobody would have showed up.

Dog hunting in the south has been goin on for generations and I respect the continuance of it being done ethically by people such as yourself. The only growing tradition I can't stand is watching people write a check for $10,000, walk into a confined area and shoot a half way tamed deer. Have fun buddy and keep up the good work fightin for what you believe in

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Posted October 31, 2012 at 8:15pm
my 2 cents worth

I'am a still hunter by choice, like many, I too have invested time, money and lots of sweat maintaing the track of land I hunt. Having said that, I understand the animosity toward the '10%'. As noted, dog hunting is a tradition that hasbeen and probably will be around for a long time to come. Where I hunt is surrounded by dog hunt clubs, yes, dogs will pass through chasing deer they jumped on another property, yes, there are times when they get separated and on occassion may 'run' one off your land. (chances are, you aint seen that one Having said all that, yes there are a few, very few dog hunters that dk's. yes there are still hunters that are 'a' holes too, soooo, for me, I cant beat'em so I exploit'em when I can, I just about know when and where they are going to turn out and where to stragically sit when they pass. I have taken many deer in front of someone else's dogs and enjoyed every minute of it. In fact, one the biggest deer I've on hoof in nc was in front of a pack of beagles last year, the buck probably would have scored my guess, 180 or better, I missed:(
I say get over it, use it to your advantage to 'stock' the freezer. When the dogs are through for the day, there is still 3-4 hours of quiet time.
sometime nuttin sounds better than a pack hounds hot on a trail at the break of day.

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Posted October 31, 2012 at 8:20pm

@fairchase I could not agree with you more. I am a 3rd generation dog man , I hunt with my dad and I have a 17 year old son that loves it more than both of us do. I have taught him how to hunt with hounds and respect the other hunters around us. And as stated at the begininng of this post, it is a small portion that gives most of us a bad name. I will not be be associated with or hunt with people that do not hunt the right way(if I know about it). As for the guys that hunt with the dogs all day and still hunt in the evenings, they are ususally the guys that do not own or handle hounds. Our standers want to make a day of it when they come to the club to hunt. I usually do not get in a tree because I am trying to catch up my hounds or keep them on our lease. I spend alot of time, effort and money to hunt with my hounds each year. I do feel that we all need to stick together as hunters as it is a know fact that HSUS and PETA are coming after us all.

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Posted October 31, 2012 at 8:24pm

What county do you hunt in @1hunter

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1hunternncProfile Photo
Posted October 31, 2012 at 8:28pm

in Warren county

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Posted October 31, 2012 at 8:41pm

I hunt on the Nash, Franklin, and Warren County lines. I live in Wayne county but there is no dog hunting here so I make that hour ride every week to turn em loose.

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Posted October 31, 2012 at 9:03pm

aye bo. where you hunt in nash county

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widegide 23 3/4Profile Photo
Posted October 31, 2012 at 9:20pm
Dog running.

i got no problem with running deer with late brotherinlaw started it back in the day around here.i help him out for 5 or 6 just wouldn't my bag.we got to where there was 4or5 different dog clubs.if you got a 2 1/2 buck stillhunting you had a good buck,3 1/2,a had a few mature buck and they where we got 1 dog club and the rest still hunting clubs.there are 140's,150and 160's class being harvest.iknow dogs run where the deers go.when they run in on our land,if they quit running by than,icatch what i can and bring them out and call the send someone to pick them up.the last week of ever season,they would run out ever track of land they can.they had some guns pull on them last season and the law took the landowners side.this year most of their land was clearcut and burn.the reason i post what i did other sat.they turn the dogs loose right outside our land and put the standers on the dirtroad behind our land in the middle of the day and run our land.most of the dog hunters hunt on they doing what they usely do the last week of the season.i wasn't talking about all dog runners,just the ones around here.good luck everbody,be safe,enjoy ever which way you hunt.

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Posted October 31, 2012 at 9:54pm

I hunt around Castalia with fellowship Hunt club. We lease about 4500 acres to run on. Wideguide I have 4 on the wall and I really dont care if I kill another one larger than them. It will cost me a bunch of money and then I have to find somewhere to hang it. I just want to listen to a good chase and put some meat in the freezer. I know I may not be like most hunters but it dont take a big set of horns for me to have sucessful season. Heck I let more go by than I shoot because I can only eat just so much.

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Posted November 01, 2012 at 9:22am
Dog Hunters

Where is this other 90% that everyone is talking about? I am one of the unlucky ones with 200 Acres surrounded by 3000 acres of Dog hunting clubs. I get down deep and far in to some thick stuff and swamps to try to catch the big deer that have been forced to go nocturnal by the hound pressure. And I mean deep, at least a 45 minute walk from a paved road. and to thick for an ATV. The dog hunters never leave the DOT maintained ROW. Yea the dog club has more land and money thus a greater influence than I do. But how is it fair come 4:30 PM the dogs always magicaly seem to show up on our tract ruinning my hunt. You almost have to be a millonare these days to invest in a tract like my family owns. I know dogs cant read. But if you cant control them maybe you have no buisness doing it. How would you feel if my bird dog ran into your yard and scratched up you wife's car? I bet you would want to shoot my dog. How is running hounds across property lines any different.

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Posted November 01, 2012 at 9:42am

@jhj31878 I will not lie to you and tell you that I can keep my hounds on our lease completely but I try as hard as I can. I have a pack of hounds that I keep in my kennels at home and they are never out but I have cat prints on my cars and my trash cans get turned over by other peoples pets but I don't get a gun and try to shoot them. As far as your bird dog damaging personal property , you are responsible for it if it is proven that your dog did it. I fail to see how you feel this is the same if a hound is crossing your families land.

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jhj31878Profile Photo
Posted November 01, 2012 at 9:53am
Running Dogs

You are right, they are not the same situations. It does not change the fact that the way houndsmen hunt impact others. My hunts are impacted, we have to kennel pet dogs during the season because we are afraid they will chase hounds when they cross the property, (which is what they are trained to do,protect both people and livestock from intruders) and yes we have even had stray bullets cross the property from people shooting from the ROW at the property lines. I dont impact your hunt. You guys terrorize the whole countryside. Your traditions degrade what is legally ours.

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Posted November 01, 2012 at 11:20am

I think the biggest problem with dog hunting is the fact that they almost always end up on someone else's. If you can not control them then dont run them. That is as simple as it gets. If my kid gets caught in your honey hole who are you going to hold responsible? And while a deer does not belong to anyone until taken, that does not give you the right to intrude on there property.

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huntingforfoodProfile Photo
Posted November 01, 2012 at 11:44am
couldn't agree more

@thisguy88...totally agreed. couldn't have said it better.

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Posted November 01, 2012 at 12:49pm
Ohh Boy

Ohh boy here we go again. Most of you dog hunters do not understand what the problem is. Is in not the fact that you run deer with dogs ( should be made against the law anyway) its when they go on someone elses land that you do not have permission to hunt. The hunter that spends the money on feeding and helping the wildlife out to make it better for everyone does not agree with it and I can't blame them. If a dog hunter dogs goes on to somebody property without permission, isn't that TRESSPASSING? Or isn't there a law about allowing dogs to run on someone else property?
You say that a deer on your property does not belong to you it belongs to the taxpayers right? So when your dogs come on to my land and I catch them then they belong to me right?
Im thankful that I hunt in a county where it is against the law to run them and there are a few that 'run hogs' with them but are really running deer. I do not have a problem with the way a person wants to hunt but be respectful to other hunters. If you cannot control your dogs then go somewhere else or better yet try still hunting and planting food plots and stuff to help the wildlife out. I feed MY deer year round and plant food plots and stuff. Yes I know they wonder on other peoples property but they know they have something to eat regulary and there is not alot of pressure on them and 9 times out of 10 they stay.
To the still hunters out there, if they are running on your property without permission then shoot the deer they are chasing and catch the dogs. If the deer is shot on your property by you then it is yours, don't matter whose dogs are chasing it. It all comes down to, they run all the deer off their lease so they start running them off yours next.

To the dog hunters out there, there are ways to keep your dogs on your land. Shock collars and pretty much STOP THEM BEFORE THEY CROSS THE LINE is another. The excuse I have no contol over where they go is BS (notice that is capital letters). I know guys that run dogs and they can control there dogs by those methods. I have even been with them before and never once did the dogs go off the property they lease. I don't even see how you can eat a deer after its been run with all the acid build up in the muscle it just taste nasty. Some of you say you do it to ' hear a good chase' come on man you have got to be kidding me. Thats got to be about the dumbest thing I have ever read on this site. The reason you dog hunt is because you don't want to put the time, effort and money it takes to still hunt and to protect our NC deer herd.
If something happens to deer hunting period it will be because of running dogs. In my mind, dog hunting is the most unethical way of hunting and should be banned in all counties. Moderators please remove the previous statement if need be.

BOTTOM LINE is hunt the way you want as long as it is legal and control what you hunt with. There will always be a conflict between still hunting and dog hunting but can be resolved by KEEPING YOUR DOGS ON YOUr LAND.

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Posted November 01, 2012 at 1:16pm
OutDoor LIfe

Outdoor Life , I hope you read my post. Time and money in a dog pack? Think of the deer they could have if they spent that time and money on deer like most still hunters do. Running deer with dogs is no tradition and is not right. When a dog runs a deer into a highway in the middle of the day and a car hits it, its the deers fault right? lol some people would say yes. But the dogs owners should be held accountable. A few years ago my mother was own her way home at 1pm and deer ran out and she hit it. She called me and I went to where she was, there where 5 dogs around the deer and the owner come up and got the dogs. I asked him for his name and drivers license number and he said that he didn't have to provide that. Got in his truck and left. I never could get his license plate number and when the Highway patrol got there they said we should have made him stay or got his name or something and I told him what he said and then just left. The HWY patrol officer was not happy and said that was they 4th time that happened in less than a month. They eventually found out who a couple of them where and to cut a story short he doesn't runn dogs anymore because its to

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outdoor lifeProfile Photo
Posted November 01, 2012 at 2:56pm

Earlyriser you said all hunters should have respect for each other and you're right and if somebody turns dogs lose on your land thats is wrong but if a deer is ran to your land the only way to stop em is to shoot the deer and if I had dogs that ran a 150 plus class buck on someones land and they shot the deer I could care less because thats what they shouldve done. You also siad if anything happens to hunting it will be because of dogs but I believe if anything happens to hunting it will be because of people who can afford to pay anything for a deer and it will become a rich mans sport. You said the money and time people put into dogs think of the deer they could have but thats what YOU DONT UNDERSTAND MANY COULD CARE LESS ABOUT THE DEER AND DO LOVE TO HEAR THE DOGS AND HAVE A GOOD TIME, Dogs running is music to my ears. I do put time and work into making food plots and putting up stands and still hunt and dont shoot the 1st thing I see but I also love dog hunting. People say dog hunters mess them up well if you look at it from the dog hunters side the still hunters mess them up right. Dog hunting is just as much a tradition as still hunting. Please explain why you belive dog hunting is an unethical way of hunting.

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jagermeister #1Profile Photo
Posted November 01, 2012 at 2:59pm

Seen 1 doe and 2 hounds run across 109 this a.m.

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EarlyRiser83Profile Photo
Posted November 01, 2012 at 6:32pm

Lol Jaiger (might have misspelled) thats kinda my point.
I think it is unethical because why would you want to chase a deer in there unnatural state just to hear a dog bark? Really you love to hear a barking dog chasing a helpless animal across someones elses property then it gets shot. And as I stated before I have no problem with the way someone hunts as long as they stay on their property. Like someone else stated about the dogs running through gameland is that allowed on game lands? The only way to stop the dogs is by shooting the deer is BS. The guys I went with had no problem stopping there dogs even with out the deer. Thats one of them old excusses that let dog hunters get away with tresspassing on someones property to get there dogs. I will be honest with you, I have taken the dogs I caught to the pound with there tracking collars on and they are more than happy to take them in considering half of them are in poor health anyway, FInes fines fines to get them back too. Its amazing how dog hunting isn't allowed around here but the dogs I catch chasing deer ohh excuse me chasing hogs,,,lol thats BS too. If you can afford the tracking collars you can afford a shock collar also and I guarantee you put it on high and shock them they will stop running. And the 10% thats given dog hunting a bad name is more around 50%. I know of at least 4 wrecks where one person died that was cause by dog hunters slamming on breaks or they wheren't parked far enough off the road. Still hunting does not bother anyone and does not cause the drama and other things that dog hunting does. How can you say that still hunting bothers dog hunting, are people tresspassing on your land and hunting? I kinda expected that a hot headed person would say something like that. You try and turn the table and reword what someone says but it will change nothing, it is what it is and I could go on and on and on but what good is it doing none because in the morning someone is going to take there dogs and run them through someone else's property and sit there laughing when there dogs jump a deer. The sad thing is that dog hunters do not care nor do they respect others property if there dogs go on it. Most don't even ask permisson to be on the property to get there dogs, they think they have a right to tresspass and get there mutts. I have had 3 or 4 encounters with a few of them and I told them everything Im telling you and called the law on them for tresspassing, its pretty funny watching them try and come up with an excuse to tell the officer before they get their ticket.
Like this report was started about :
We all need to get along and respect each other to keep are sport alive and that is hard to do when dogs are in the picture, well I can't blame the dogs its the hunter that allows them to do what they do. I respect everyones way of hunting if its done right and legal. But dog running on someones elses land is not legal and not respectful.

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NCdogmanProfile Photo
Posted November 01, 2012 at 6:46pm

Early riser I can see that you will never understand how a pack of hounds in full cry is a wonderful thing to listen to. So I will not waste my time.
AS for a hound that crosses your land belonging to you, in NC you can buy , sell and transport hounds across state and country lines. Go buy yourself a monster buck in from Illinois or Canada and see what happens when you put him in a pasture. You will get a visit from some state and federal people.( I know someone that tried that) You cannot own a wild deer or turkeys without special permits.
I don't know you but I will assume that you are not from NC but you want to come down south and complain about the traditions and the way we do things around here. If it is so bad, the road that brought your carpet baggin hind parts down here can take you back where you came from.
So with that said, we will have to agree to disagree. Gotta go and won't be back til Sunday. I've gotta load em up so I can drop that tailgate in the AM. Wish me luck!

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outdoor lifeProfile Photo
Posted November 01, 2012 at 8:18pm
Agree to disagree

earlyriser us arguing as you probably know is gettin us nowhere so we're gonna have to agree to disagree. As far as shock collars ive never seen them used on deer dogs. What I meant by still hunting messing up dog hunting is that is why dog hunters have nowhere to hunt because of still hunting and you say it is unethical because the deer id running for its life but I dont see how thats any worse than putting out corn and shooting one coming to eat that dont have a fighting chance, Ill hunt both ways. 'Hotheaded' I was not twisting what you said or getting shor tempered but what you said that pissed me off more than anything was calling the dogs mutts. Not saying you would do this but I have heard it on the site in the past but if I had a hunting dog get shot or stolen by a still hunter theres no telling what I might do. I know people that would kill for there dogs. Agree to disagree you see it your way and I see it mine it is what it is just enjoy Gods wonderful creation.

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widegide 23 3/4Profile Photo
Posted November 01, 2012 at 9:53pm
still hunting

i don't hunt for score.i don't put out bait to hunt on.i plant crops to help the deer out in the winter months.i pick out mature bucks and hunt them on their own tuff dogman.i have hunted 1 3 years before taking that 3 years i seen a lot of bucks but i let them walk.this year i done let 16 bucks walk since open day of ml.i know some was same bucks.i can't bow hunt anymore due to me that an't nothing like going one on one with a mature buck on his tuff.i got land in randolph and chatam.last season they run dogs at both places.2010,a friend shot a 140 clas buck on his land and it run on dogmen land before dieing.they came in there and took the deer and told him they could get him for trespassing for he had put his gun down on his side and walk over to look at his buck.and they thank as long they an't on our land they can turn their dogs loose on it they alright. well dogman, they going to have a rude awaking.we all tired of it around here.thats all i got to say about it.

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huntingforfoodProfile Photo
Posted November 02, 2012 at 8:14am

@ncdogman, outdoorlife, widegide and hunter who hunts with dogs...all i'm saying is i paid for the land with my blood and sweat earned money. please respect me and my property. keep your dogs off my land!!! don't trespass on my property without my permission. i live by your rules of hunting...not trespassing in your property, so don't trespass on mine. i know you wouldn't like it if i sit on my property and shot deer in your property because the deer don't belong to you right? so please keep your dogs off my land!!!

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jhj31878Profile Photo
Posted November 02, 2012 at 8:25am
The 90%

Once again I ask where is this 90%? I dont shoot every helpless animal I see. I let a lot of bucks walk. Only to see them on somebody's tailgate riding down the road in front of our place the next day. It is very clear that the deer are on our place because of the dogs. That is why the dogs come on our land. The excuse shoot the deer to stop the dogs dosent work. I dont want to hunt behind hounds. They are only chasing the ones I am letting walk and the ones you guys are blasting. Big bucks are to smart for hounds, food plots and corn. You got to catch them natural and hounds on my place ruins that. I would rather watch all kinds of wildlife on the stand rather than see nothing because all wildlife has been terroized by the sound of hound music all day. The sound of hound music is an excuse just like all the houndsmen saying how they care so much for their dogs. If they are so meaningful to you why do you have to use cattle prods and beat them with garden hoses to catch them? I dont want to hunt behind your dogs. I dont want to catch your dogs during the day. They stink and ruin my scent when i am on the stand. Hell, I cant catch them anywyays because they are so skittish unless I put out food because they are starving. So where is this 90% of houndsmen that are perceived as sportsmen?

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krl280Profile Photo
Posted November 02, 2012 at 9:58am

dog hunters are lazy. let me see your dog come within my stand itll have a broadhead in its neck. Shootin little button bucks man you ruin this sport. Back in wisconsin we let the little ones walk you people just maul everything your dog finds

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outdoor lifeProfile Photo
Posted November 02, 2012 at 3:34pm

krl280 it probably stupid of me to comment back on such a stupid commnet but all i gotta say is this aint Wisconson buddy and if you dont like it dont hunt here and far as killin the dog if you gotta problem with it be a man go to the dog owner dont kill the dog thats just wrong. If you kill the right ones dog it aint gonna end good for nobody.

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GobblintomProfile Photo
Posted November 02, 2012 at 3:43pm
Enough is enough

Guys....Seriously!! Smooth this out or I'll remove it!!! The original Poster hasn't even been back to comment 1 time!!! Dogs will be Dogs!! It's NOT the Dogs fault and that's all I'm saying but as I have been reading these comments I can't help but think about all the Great hunting you jokers are missing out on by sitting on here bashing each other so Please!!! Let it Rest!!!! I drive a Toyota and Like Dr Pepper!!! Does everyone else??? NO!!!! You guys can sit here the whole season and Bicker to each other and it will not change the way any of you think about whats right and wrong with you style of hunting so again....Please!! Lets all enjoy these few short months we get to Deer hunt TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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HuntinbucksProfile Photo
Posted November 02, 2012 at 7:21pm
A kind word

Amen on that GT! Quit working the dander and get out there and hunt together. I followed some of this and was going to comment eariler but decided it was getting lathered up and figured I would stay out of it. It is easier to get along with your neighbor and it may result in a positive for both parties. Best to all of you.

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Viperx4Profile Photo
Posted November 02, 2012 at 8:45pm
Harvest Report

No need to bicker like GT said but if you really want to make a difference......fill out the big game harvest report for every kill you get. It ask if it was a buck or doe or button buck. Weather you were hunting on game lands or private. What type of weapon you used and if it was with the use of dogs or not.

All this is so the fish and game can take into consideration on what type of hunting is most effective and what laws to pass to make sure there is a balance. You are only cheating yourself when you don't report. I used to think otherwise but have gotten wise to the method.

To date 4 doe and one buck, two with the bow and three with the gun, and no use of dogs.

Some say I have an ego shooting so many deer (GT)but I depend on deer meat to see me through the year with the contribution of my garden, while my wife in her 3rd year of college at age 51, with one year to go gets an education. It's been 4 years now, without her income, trying to stay afloat.

I don't care how you hunt, as long as you are respectful of mother nature, eat what you kill, and don't put someone else down because of what they consider meat or a trophy......and always be respectful of other hunters in the woods, and the boundaries of there property or lease and always thank GOD...............for letting you have the opportunity to commune with nature and breathe another breath!

Also remember to pay it forward and teach someone else to hunt. Don't cowboy their first opportunity at suscess away from them, because then you'll be the one with an EGO!!!

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EarlyRiser83Profile Photo
Posted November 02, 2012 at 10:12pm

I will start by saying that I am from NC born and breed. I live in Johnston County and have my whole life. You ever heard the saying,' one of them Johnston county boys'
NC Dogman your alias says it all, thats all that need to be said about that. U saying all that to try to get a rise out of me, the jokes on you because looks like I got one out of you. Dog hunting and tradition, depends on your definition of tradition and who you talk to. Like outdoor said you have you opinion and I have mine. That said hope you have a good season.

Outdoor, I agree with you and like I said nothing will be done about its just a waste of time. I wouldn't shoot someones dog or steal it, but if it is on my property I am allowed to take it to the pound and I will. As far as the mutts comment I apologize if that offened you. And putting corn out, the deer has a better chance of surving, because they can smell, see, and hear better than you think, they have their defenses also.
Hope the rest of your season is good also.

GT, I drive a ford and drink dr pepper does that count for anything? And I did say I know its not the dogs fault, they are doing what they are trained to do, Im just saying. Good rest of the season to you too.

Anyway everyone have a good rest of the season, the bucks are starting to chase here in JOCO. This cold snaps got them going, just hope it will stay cold. Well I'll be in the tree tomorrow in my stand. I will post if anything good happens.

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dchfm123Profile Photo
Posted November 03, 2012 at 7:14am
Dog hunting

Dog hunting to me ruins the sport of hunting deer. People have talked about traditions. Traditionally dogs have been used for rabbit or other small game hunting and what I call gentalmen hunting. Dogs were originally used to hunt down people not medium games such as deer and hogs. There is no sport in using them to hunt. Its just a way for lazy hunters to be even lazier. Some of y'all have been talking about the 10% that give you a bad rap. It's more like the 90% of you that ruin it for the other 10. I personally have never had a good experience with dog hunters. I have had them set up on my fields, walk through them, and even shoot at a deer while I was there. Their excuse, I gotta go where the dogs go. What kinda bs is that. If it was not illegal I would shoot ever fog I saw running deer. I grew up hunting in states where we do it the 'traditional way' still hunting and putting in the time to find the deer and harvest them without the aid of a pack of dogs. You guys will never understand the values of hunting and unfortunately you kids prob never will either. I pray that one day they ban dog hunting all together and bring this sport back the way it should be.

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Chad BProfile Photo
Posted November 04, 2012 at 5:22pm

Man, There Is alot of Comments on This Issue. Let Me First Say, I Dont hunt With Dogs Never Had. Where i live And Mostly Hunt In Durham, Dog Hunting is Illegel. I Have no Problem With Dog Running, but i Much Rather Work my butt off scouting staying scent free and still Hunting. On Gameland (All I Hunt) I Like Hunting At The Coast. But Only Durning Bow And Muzzleloading Deer Season And Also For Bear. I Dont like doggin For Bear Neighter, but that's just how some People Hunt. I Think On Gameland Dog Hunting should only Be Aloud A Couple times aweek. And Stil hunting The Rest of the time. Doggin Makes the Deer shellshocked Quick and ruins hunting for the Rest Of Us. But We All Hunt, SO I Reckon it is what it is. Thats All Thanks!!

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Viperx4Profile Photo
Posted November 04, 2012 at 6:41pm

I think everyone that has been on here for a while knows I still hunt. I don't care how you hunt as long as you respect the other brothers in the woods and how they hunt and the prey you harvest.

As far as the title of this comment 10% that ruin it for the rest. I live in Roseboro (613 west Roseboro street)......and some dumb @@z with a dog box on the back of his truck has paraded around town for the last week with a 8 point basket rack buck with some cape still on it for over a week now. I was cutting my grass today and he drove by. This is the second time in a week I have seen this. You 90% should hunt him down and wipe his butt with that cape that has to smell like crap by now.

I don't know if the guy is a member of this site but, if he is he knows who I am and please stop by and I will give you a taxidermist number that can do a European mount on him or let you borrow a saw to cut the dang horns off to nail over your front door.


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NCdogmanProfile Photo
Posted November 04, 2012 at 7:22pm

Viper I agree that what that person is doing is disgusting, ignorant and just plain stupid. But please don't just assume that just because he has a dog box on his truck that he is a true deer dog hunter. There are alot of people that rabbit , fox, hog, bird and bear hunt with hounds. There are quite a few guys in our club that have a dog boxes but they don't own or handle hounds. I'm sure this person thinks it is cool to show off his 'trophy'. I do put my deer on top of my box long enough to get it to the skinning pole but that is it. We hunters have a hard enough time with the general non hunting public, without putting something like that on display all over town. Some people just he don't think about the damage they are doing when they are trying to show off. I was not going to reply on this post again but I don't want you to assume that just because he has a dog box he belongs a a respectable club or that he is a dog hunter.

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Chad BProfile Photo
Posted November 04, 2012 at 7:26pm

@Viperx4, lol That Is Funny Right There. Sorry He Keeps Going By Your House. That Must be the only deer He's Ever Killed. I Like To Shoe off My Deer To. I Leave the Tailgate opened on my truck on my way home And Thats It From Field to freezer Has Quick Has I Can. After a week, lol Yep That Deer Smelled Bad lol. Some Peole Are Just Strange Like That!!

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Viperx4Profile Photo
Posted November 04, 2012 at 7:54pm

@ offence man I'm just saying he's the 10% GoNoles was referring to. Rabbit hunt....him....I don't think so....he obviously has an ego that wouldn't allow him to shoot little wabbits, and would be to affraid to go in the woods with mistaking ....he's a dog hunter. Next time I see him I'll take his picture....license plate and all!

These are the ones you should be after to protect your heritage and style of hunting!

I'll keep working on the road cullers and trespassers and road side dumpers from my end!

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wcpProfile Photo
Posted November 06, 2012 at 12:38pm





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