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  • 2013 Deer Season

    Well the 2013 deer season started January 2nd!

    Now is the easiest time to clear trails for the new season. Scout those trails and look for the freshest rubs that bucks will make late season in staging grounds to give you clues on Bow season stands you might want to get in place.

    With antlers starting to hit the ground with the shedding. Bucks will start to need those minerals and protiens to make those racks grow. Feed'em now for the Trophies of Fall!
    2013 Season
    You are right about that Viper!!! I haven't really gotten started since the new addition came when He came but it is just about that time.....
    yeah man
    Huntman and I are taking the loppers and pole saw this weekend to cut a few spots we saw during the season that need some trimming. Gotta love them loppers - about the best $40 I've ever spent - cuts up to 3' diameter.
    We're hoping that we can build a new elavated box blind this spring. We have an older 'treehouse' we hunt from but the trees racking back and forth in the wind have just about done that thing in. We want to build a new one on 4x6's.
    Also gonna start looking for sheds this weekend - I believe the larger bucks have already started to shed their headgear.
    Sounds like you and Huntman are going to be busy lol....Gotta love that time in the outdoors!!
    I bought 3 of the 20lb Trophy Rocks at Gander Mountain yesterday for $19.99 each and that's not bad...Gonna Drop 1 tomorrow at the land I just got permission to hunt again late this season....Justin, I wouldn't trust any Box style Blind with tree supports...I have a older Friend with springs in his head because his Box Stand collapsed on him and his Grandson and landed on his head...I either make Poles for support or use a Steel frame like in the Video I made. I keep a Eye out in the off season for such items.
    so true
    I agree with that hole report. By the way where did u kill that stud on your profile pic. in NC? I'm new to the site so wasn't sure if u had ever posted about it.