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  • Okay, sure it's a dumb question , but.....

    Okay, I have no doubt this would be a dumb law, but it wouldn't be the first, right?

    A co-worker told me today that it is illegal to shoot turkeys from a deerstand.

    Okay, I could believe that to be a law.

    But then he tells me you 'HAVE' to hunt from either a ground blind or use a gillie suit.

    Not 'should' or 'could' but 'HAVE TO ' .

    Okay, let me give some background:

    This guy started hunting turkey about 2 or 3 years ago. He has probably hunted deer all his life, but turkeys are new to him.

    When I told him turkey hunting seemed like it would be really fun, he told me :

    'WEll, it might be years before you see a wild turkey. It's not like they just run around everywhere and come out any time>
    So, I showed him about 15 different pictures of the turkeys that forage around my deerstnd and even two different vidoe taken from about 12 feet away>
    TOld him I have seen up to 9 turkeys at one time.

    Told him my idea of hunting in the stand since the turkeys do not seem to be bothered by it or know I am there.

    Today, out of the blue, he tells me that stand hunting turkeys is illegal.

    I am really thinking he is just made or being spiteful( no, not pulling my leg).

    But I also know that there are also all kinds of stupid laws on the books too.

    What sayeth you?
    All rules cn be found in the regulations book from the ncwrc an i think you will discover that guy is filling you full of hogwash. as far hunting turkeys from a treestand you will find that ain't as easy as it sounds lol
    I have read the regulations for Wild Turkey hunting and the limitations are clear and well definded. No where does it say you CAN'T hunt turkeys from a elevated stand so your buddy is blowing smoke.

    I have a good friend in Florida that turkey hunts from a stand. He says the turkeys don't seem to notice you and the Gators and snakes can't sneak up on you.

    As far as hitting a turkey from a stand with a would be a lot easier than being on the ground for me. 90% of my bow hunting is in a stand therefore I practice in a stand and I would suggest that to everyone.

    Good luck this year!
    I looked in regulations book
    All I saw was saying you can't use rifle, muzzleloader or muzzleloader pistoiol. There was a paragraph about youth hunting, and then limit of one per trip/ two per season>

    Didn't find anything about shooting from deerstand

    But you know, that particular rule could have been a admendment somewhere else or part of another rule>

    I even looked under 'local rules' to se if it was in effect in his county ( Pender), but it wasn't, and wasn't in effect in my county ( Onslow) eitrher.

    LIke I mentuioned originally, I think he is just perturbed and flat out irked by the fact that it hasn't taken me two or three years to be able to see nice size turkeys, and that I took pictures and videos too.

    I'm not saying I did anything spectacular, it just happens that the turkey are there, and if you are fairly quiet, they will walk all around and under the stand that I am sitting in....while I am sitting in it.

    Even witha fidgety 11 year old son with me.

    Thanks for the replies.
    Scout this Guy is a fruitloop...He is thinking about the incident a few years ago where a property owner was shot and killed by a Warden while he was Turkey Hunting from a Deer stand BUT...The landowner was hunting over corn which IS Illegal and a argument happened and the guy ended up loosing his life. But... you can bait and keep Turkeys in a area BUT the bait...ALL of it!!! must be completely gone 10 days BEFORE the opener. There's NO difference in hunting Turkeys from a Ground Blind, Brush Pile or any other Type of Blind!!I just like sitting in my Gobbler lounger whereever I hear a gobble lol.. I've killed a few Gobblers laying on my Belly Flat on the ground and waited till they got to me, Whatever it takes!! But like the other Guys stated lol...The Turkeys just seem to know when they can walk around ya and when to stay away lol...I have had Gobblers and hens courting all around me the last few weeks but come Spring, They might not be anywhere to be found...During Deer season, I have climbed down and ran them off only to climb back up and had them come right back to me lol...You will LOVE Turkey hunting!!!! There's NOTHING like it in my opinion, I have took some decent Deer, Caught Big Fish ETC but seeing that Gobbler come to ya will get in your Blood!!!! I would rather Turkey Hunt than ANYTHING!!!! Good Luck and Go back in the Turkey Forums and read some Post and Pics from last season, We Had a GREAT Time!!!!!