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  • ZINK/Avian adds a Strutter decoy to thier Flock

    Great New decoy coming out in the ZINK Avian X LCD line...The LCD Strutter looks awesome!!! I have a Strutter (Thanks to a great fellow Poster) that will serve just as good if I see I need it but having The Avian Lookout Hen and The Feeder hen in my arsenal is plenty enough weight for me lol but The New Strutter does look Awesome!!!
    I knew it would come!
    It was just a matter of time. I use a b-mobile I bought on clearance last year for $20. Dad just bought a killer b. I got the avian x jake for Christmas to go with my looker and feeded hens. Absolutley love avian x. Would consider the strutter but would feel guity trading b-mobile since he has sentimental value after an awesome 2012 season. FYI, the looker hen looks so good that a real hen ran circles around her, pecking her head for 30min. before she got tired and layed down next to it. Got it on video and laughed until I cried!
    Yeah I LOVE Mine, Got them on Sale for $34 Bucks Each...I sold the others I bought at that price and I have seen such footage you speak of...Hunting with fellow poster Creek07 in Anson, He had a Hen peed off and just would NOT leave the decoy..He got it on Camera, even came out of the blind once to spook her away..Crazy lol...I got in a argument on another Forum about how the DSD decoys are Made in the USA and alot better Blah Blah blah but around $60 buck more but when Walmart had the Bone Collector Stand Bundle on sale for $49...NO One was complaining then about the cheapo China part lol...Like I said, I have the Lookout and Feeder and they have proved themselves in my vest..Plus The DSD decoys DON'T fold up.
    Avian decoy
    Hey GT, do you know where to find an avian for below retail? Was hoping to find a lookout hen for less than $80.
    PDS The cheapest I have found lately is 79.99 at Gander mountain with Free Shipping...Midwayusa has them for $76 but I'm guessing shipping would be around #12? I wish I would have knew when I found them on sale...I think I sold Viper the Last 1 I had for what I paid...I'll keep a Eye out for ya.

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    Salt Air Ventures
    Salt Air Ventures Open water duck hunting in Carteret County. I hunt primarily out of a custom scissor blind with a 23 ft sea ox. Once the scissor blind is set out and brushed it becomes its own pine island which hides the boat and hunters, no need to get out of the boat