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  • Best Turkey Decoys at best price?

    Okay, this upcoming April will be my first time turkey hunting.

    I want to buy some good decoys, but money is a big consideration.

    I want a good decoy, but I can't spend a ton of money.I need a good middle ground.

    Granted, turkey season is quite a few months away, but I have a particular situation:
    I am married, have a son, and have to pay bills. You know what I'm talking about right?

    I have to work for a living, so it seems like every time I squirrel away some money, something falls in my lap: I had about $450.00 set side to buy a $476.00 12 gauge Remington combo that came with 22'tukey Barrel, 28' vented field barrle and a 26' slug barrle.

    Then about 4 days before payday ( whenI was planning on buying this gun) my wife asks me if I would look at her driver's side front tire because it felt a bit 'funny'.

    Sure enough, all four tires were worn down to the point that even the wear indicators were wearing away.

    AWESOME! $570.00 gone just like that.

    Okay, you get my drift right? I want a few good turkey decoys, but it will have to be a compromise between a good price for a good decoy. I don't want sorry decoys just because they cost $10.00 each. I'd love a very effective decoy, but not feeling $100.00 kinda love.

    Now, as it will also be my first time turkey hunting AND using decoys, what should I get?

    I was thinking one Tom and one hen. Put them about 25 feet apart so it looks like the tom is trying to court the hen.
    Have tom looking straight at hen, but hen turned sideways from tom.

    The area I will be hunting has a 55'X 100' cleared field in the middle of the woods. Used to be a turnip field back when my father in law was in his 30's. Still clear of trees. I have counted no less that nine turkeys in this area which is about 20 yards from my deerstand which also has had great turkey activity around it. The two spots are seperated by a creekbed that is wet only half the year depending on the rainfall we have.

    Okay, my ears are open!
    Check this Picture out lol...It doesn't take a $150 Strutter decoy to fool a gobbler...This is a Kingsford BBQ Bag homemade decoy. I only have the Avians because I got them at a deal but you speak of cheap $10 Decoys..I tell ya...I have killed countless Gobblers with a Single $10 Feather flex Hen on a stick!!! At times you don't need decoys at all...I don't like using them in a wide open area like the field you speak of because it gives the Birds longer to figure them out...In the woods is where I like to be....I have several decoys that I would Sell including a Flock of 4 by Cherokee Sports that are inflatable and very realistic if your interested...Good Luck
    REDNECK ENGINEERING AT IT's FINEST! Little spray paint from dollar general and you got it licked! ;)
    I say make due, with what you got! All you need now is to take one of those Christmas cards that you can record on and some dental floss. And record your best call on it. Then run dental floss to it when turkey comes in range. Pull the string and decoy will call him on in! LOL You better patent it before I do! LOL
    Hmmmm LOL
    LOL, I think I'll stick with Using the calls I make myself that I Call the *SPURSUADER* lol...The Card idea would probably get wet and fall apart or the Gobbler would trip over the floss and break his neck before I could shoot LOL
    SPURSUADER Calls...Better Pic...I need to get busy and make some but got into this dang trapping and Ducks lol But we got time.
    This was my first year turkey hunting and I done just fine using some ugly decoys that I got at Dicks sporting goods,$10.00 for 3 on mark down,lol.I guess you can spend 100.00 on a decoy if you want something pretty to stare at til the turkey come in,but the equipment ain't worth a dime if you don't have patience and do your homework.The biggest thing I found to be helpful is to practice being dead still,because a turkey will pick up on ANY movement it sees and leave you sitting there staring at your decoys crying.I was able to kill 2 gobblers by sitting in my camo leaned against a tree,with my shotgun resting on my knee, using my spursuader call and 3 cheap foam hens.Curiousity will bring them in and a good turkey load will help you carry them on out.I'm definately no expert,but I do know it don't take 'fancy decoys' to kill a turkey.Good luck :)
    I'm interested!
    Yeah, I am interested in the decoys. I tried 3 or 4 times to contact you through the site, but kept glitching and returning right back to this page.

    I also sent you an e-mail...I think...but not sure how your e-mail is set up and wether I have to be in your address book or not.

    I'm also interested in one of your spursuader glass slat calls.

    Do you need me to give you my e-mail or can you reference it by being a moderator?
    Is this normal?
    Watched this video on youtube last night. After the guy shoots the turkey, the others attack the dead one. Is this normal? I figured they would haul tail to try to get away from the 'obvious' danger.
    Yes, It's Normal lol You will see that alot when you shoot the dominate Gobbler..When Multiple Birds approach..Focus on the Strutter because he's the BOSS!!! He will tolerate the other gobblers hanging around him because Turkeys like being around other Turkeys but if 1 tries to steal the action by strutting in front of the dominate Bird, The Boss will let him know in a hurry and a Fight starts...The subordinate Gobblers will attack the fallen Bird to level the odds of all the times he whipped up on them...Kinda like Kicking someone after they are down if you know what I mean, And a new peaking order starts to see who will become the New King Strut...This is the reasoning behind using a Jake Decoy...The Longbeard approaches and thinks the youngster is in on his game and attacks your Jake Decoy lol...It's a show to see for sure.

    I have a Email that is and Yes The Site email is weird at times.
    Hey GT, I have been in the market for a Slate, and would love to have one from a local guy that I could show around and learn how to use. This will be my first official turkey season since last year I was busy with a newborn. My son is now 14 month's and the wife is offering me some out to stock the freezer :)
    I tried to send you a Email on the site here...If you don't get it, Send me 1 and Thanks

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