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  • My best deer, at 16 years old. (Person County)

    My hunt started on the evening of Thursday, December 27th, 2012. My father and I were sitting in a soybean field in person county, North Carolina. The buck first appeared at about 5 o'clock and the sun was setting. He stepped out into the open and I said to my dad 'There is a big buck in the field directly in front of me.' We watched him for a few minutes as he ate and then another smaller buck came out. Then they began to fight which was very unusual for the end of December. A small doe was eating over to our left and she suddenly spotted us. She eased out of the field but the big buck being curious started walking closer to see what she had been frightened of. As he reached the distance of about 125 yards from us he turned broad side and I took the shot. At Dark we eased our way to the other end of the field and found a blood trail but didn't want to push him in case he wasn't completely dead yet. At 8 o'clock that night we came back to see if we could find my deer. We trailed him about 100 yards into the woods where he fell, the huge 9 pointer was down. I couldn't have been happier with my kill for he was bigger than any other buck I had ever killed.
    Very Nice!!!
    WOW!!! Can you say Perfect Rack!!! I tell ya Girl, To topple over a Great buck like this in the late season is truly something to be proud of..Just like Turkey hunting in the late season when all the easy Birds are dead..The smart ones are still around...CONGRATS!!!! You got a gooddun!!!! And Kudos to Dad for a Job well Done!!!!!
    That really is a nice one.Congrats!!!
    Better late than never! Lol. A awesome hunt ending with an awesome buck! Way to wrap up the season! Very nice buck, Savannah. I'm sure your dad is proud. Very cool that you got to see such a buck fighting this time of year and before dark, no less. Congrats!
    thank you ! I have the best guide ever. he has been with me on all three big buck i have killed but this one was definitely a hunt to rember.
    Big Buck
    Congrats, That Is One Very Nice Buck!! Great Job!! Hope You Harvest Many More Like Him Next Season and Beyond!!
    Congrats on a really nice buck!! The best place to be in the late season is on the food....It sounds like yall had a good spot....Unfortunately about all crops where gone around me....Really need to get some food plots in lol....Anyway, congrats again on a great late season trophy!!

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