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Deer Hunting in Southeast North Carolina
Bad pic of me,lol,but good memories


Bad pic of me,lol,but good memories

Great End to My Season

Contrary to what most people think a good hunt does not always have to end with a big buck.
I had a hard season like a lot of others.I did get my first deer,which was a doe and I spent many hours in the woods waiting and watching.
I got to finish my season by getting to hunt with someone I admire greatly,my Dad.After I came down to hunt with him at his home on the coast,which is a 6 hour drive,during bow season,he done a lot of work building stands and blinds.He injured his shoulder doing this pretty bad and dislocated his collar bone.He had to have extensive surgery the week before Christmas to repair the damage.I told him we could wait til next year to hunt again but he insisted on me coming.He wasn't able to do much,but he went with me each evening to hunt.And although we didn't get the deer this time, the memories I have hunting with my Dad are absolutely priceless.
December 30, 2012 at 7:29pm
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Posted December 31, 2012 at 11:31am
Dang Was pulling for ya!

That's great!!! I know you cherish these times and you should!!! Sad your Dad wasn't 100% but for him to still have a positive attitude about ya'll hunting together says alot about the kind of Gentleman he is...Wish you guys would have gotten a deer but that's hunting...Thanks for sharing

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Posted December 31, 2012 at 12:33pm
You are an inspiration to us all!

You are right! It is about time well spent! I pray he will heal quickly and glad you are ready for next year. Time flies when your having fun.
I have had fun this year, too! I have enjoyed having people to share experiences with! Things don't always go as planned! But, what we learn each year, goes a long way for us in the future.
I hope you have an even better new year in 2013! But, the bar has been set pretty high, best I can tell!
If he built permanent stands? Make sure next year they don't have bee's nest in em, before you climb in! I went in August one time to make sure permanent stand was good, got up ladder and looked under platform and was staring at 100 wasp! I let go as they started swarming and dang near broke my legs. Had it happen again on loc on type stand. They had built nest under seat. Didn't realize it till I sat down and had my harness on. I got stung twice and banged side of tree when I fell sideways trying to get away from them. Glad I still hadn't pulled bow up yet or it would've fell to the ground!
Also, make sure none of stand has rotted or given way. The whole stand could fall, unless it is well built!
Tree stand accidents can happen to anyone! I use a full body harness. I try to be latched on from the time I step off the ground until I get back on the ground. But even they aren't fool proof!
These things are common sense, but hope nobody has to learn the hard way as I have!
Good luck fishing and turkey hunting. I hope later on my daughters grow up to be like you! A man can dream can't he? My girls are pretty tough, and shoot good! But, they roll their eyes sometimes, when I ask them to go to the field with me. I wouldn't trade em for boys, any day!

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Posted December 31, 2012 at 4:38pm
thanks guys

Thanks Gt and carpet_rider huntfish.I hope you get your wish and your daughters have a love of hunting and fishing.I have loved fishing for years,but even though I have wanted to turkey hunt for a long time,this is the first year I have tried it.And of course I said I would never be interested in deer hunting,lol,and guess who spent most of the season in the
Dad hurt his shoulder while repairing one of his old tree stands.He was repairing the steps and got to the last one at the top and it broke leaving him hanging by one arm from a tree limb.It dislocated his collar bone,broke the rotar cuff in his shoulder,tore ligaments and tendons loose and a lot of other damage.I told him not to be doing any more repairs or climbing without a harness.All it takes is one wrong move or one rotten step to fall to your death.

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Posted December 31, 2012 at 5:42pm
Close call

Dang Girl!!! Yeah he is Lucky...remember when you and I was walking around the expo and I contemplated on getting the HSS Ultra Harness? Well you know that I bought 1 lol I'm ashamed to say that I never wore a Safety device until my Daughter was born..I would trust limbs, Vines, Anything to get me up or down the tree but Not anymore. Some of Dons stands he has there is NO WAY I would hunt them without a harness lol...Glad he's getting better.

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Posted December 31, 2012 at 8:19pm
Love it!

Congrats Diane on a very memorable season. Hunting with your father is a sacred thing.. My dad just left NC after meeting his 2nd grandson, born Dec. 26th. I haven't been able to make it out for the end of our season but take comfort in the hope of taking the field someday with dad in tow with my two sons.. I hope the good lord will make it possible. Thanks for the awesome post and tell that old timer to stay the hell out of the tree!!

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Posted December 31, 2012 at 8:54pm

Thanks for your nice comment and congrats on the new addition to your family.I hope you get to share many hunting seasons with your sons and your Dad.I have learned that experiences and memories we share with loved ones and friends are worth much more than any posessions we may acquire.

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Posted January 01, 2013 at 10:20am
Me and my son sitting in the deerstand.


Me and my son sitting in the deerstand.

Sounds awesome!

I had a great year too. I did not get a single deer either!

I moved to my current location the last week of July. Spent quite a bit of time getting settles in and when I finally got into the woods and got teh stand set up, it was already regular deer season>

Didn't have a hunting license or even taken the safety course at the time>

Looked up the safety course and the first one I could slip into was first week of December.

So I spoent alot of time tweaking the deerstand, setting up two auto feeders and just sitting and watching. Saw some nice does, watched alot of turkeys walk around, and even got a few videos of the turkey.

So here it is - the last day to shoot a deer and I still don't have my license yet.

Will probably get it in the next few weks or so - no rush now since turkey season is still a ways off.

So anyways, I still enjoyd my time in the woods just watching, listening and learning. Up til now, all my hunting had always been with a fishing pole.

But even when I took my boat out, I always looked at it this way: Even if I don't catch anything, I still got to enjoy the boat ride.

Sounds like youi had the same experience: even though you didn't bag a deer, you enjoyed the hunt. There's a reason they call it 'fishing'.

If we always brought something back, it would be called 'catching'.

Guess the same can be said of hunting.

So, like yourself, even though we never took a shot at anything, I had some great times on teh stand and in the woods with my son.

Didn't catch a deer, but caught some great memories!

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Posted January 01, 2013 at 1:01pm
Season 2012

Dianne, Thank You For Spending Your Season Here With Us. We All Really Love Your Feed Back and Storys And Pictures, Advice And Just Good Laughs. I Hope Your Dad Heals Fast!! Dont Worry, yes We All Have Are Own Litte Problems Durning Deer Season. But You Tryed Real Hard And Had Lot's Of Fun, So In The End Thats All That Matters.! Time To Chase Bushytails Happy New Year!! Take Care!!

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Posted January 01, 2013 at 6:15pm
Thanks ChadB

Thanks ChadB.Your kind words mean a lot.You sure have had a great season and all on gameland. Every time you had success was proof to us all that there is hope if you put the hard work in.I hope to share many more deer seasons with my Dad.I was sitting in my room when I was down at his house all down and out and he came in and said are u ok?I said yeah dad,I just feel so bad that you put all that work in and we didn't get a deer.He said ,Don't you worry about me,we got a lot of hunting days ahead of us.And he's right.It was so special to just share the love of hunting with my dad.A deer would have just been a bonus.

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Posted January 02, 2013 at 8:26am
Family time!

Great seasons, as you said, are not measured by size of the buck or numbers in the freezer. They are measured by memories. Glad your dad is getting better and you were able to spend time in Nature with him.

I spent Christmas eve with my sister in a ground blind, she cried because I took the time to be with her. No wonder we didn't see any deer.....we were to busy laughing at stories about growing up together. We spent the balance of the day walking the woods and enjoying nature. That was probably my best hunt of the year!

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Posted January 02, 2013 at 1:25pm

Glad you had a great time in the woods, with your dad and harvest that nice doe. It truely is about the memories and who we share those memories with.
Now we can start getting ready for Turkey season. :)

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Posted January 02, 2013 at 2:26pm
turkey time

@Justin, I can't wait for turkey season,and all the scouting and anticipation of opening day,lol.I hope to take my first with a bow this year.Hopefully it won't take me all season to accomplish this,lol.

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Posted January 02, 2013 at 3:36pm
bow turkey

Taking one with a bow would be totally awesome. And you'll probably have no trouble with that seeing how fast you tagged out last season. lol
Me - I'm just hoping that Huntman and I can get on one this spring. Huntman wants to shoot one pretty bad and we've got one spot that we saw 8 gobblers in (assuming they stay there lol). Been trying to get me one of them 'Spursuader' calls but they're evidently a hot commodity. (hint, hint - GT). lol

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Posted January 02, 2013 at 6:25pm
spursuader collector????

spursuader collector????


Dang,justintime,I figured you had already got your call by now.I think GT is is turning into one of those hoarders that they have on that reality show,lol,except he's hoarding spursuaders.I know he has calls because he posted a pic not too long ago showing a bunch of them off.Come Gobblintom,share the love,lol.

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Posted January 03, 2013 at 7:50am
You are Blessed!

Very refreshing to hear someone make the absolute most of a hunt. Great memories, great company, and hey, a great hunt. Glad you got your 1st deer! I know your dad wouldn't have changed a thing, even with a bad shoulder. Talk about a labor of love. You are one to envy. Congrats and keep making those memories.

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Duplin County BowhunterProfile Photo
Posted January 03, 2013 at 1:53pm

You are definitely right about that....The memories are what we make them....I know you both cherished that time together. Just as I cherished sharing the blind with my dad and son this year.....Didn't kill anything but time but it was two of the greatest hunts ever.....Hopefully next time He will be 100% and yall can lay something down....If not I am sure yall will have a blast trying :)

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