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  • Big Buck hasn't been back for the camera but his lady friends Love it!!!

    Hoping to catch another glimpse of the buck I'm hoping to shoot these last 2 days..I put a bag of Corn in front of my camera to try and flush him out to get a bite in the Cold...he hasn't showed up anymore but his lady friends about filled the camera card up in 1 night....Couple plump ones in the mix. Guess I'll drop the Trophy Rocks and see if he shows up before antlers drop.
    Typical isn't it?
    Guy works al day and is tired, so he stays home at night.

    Meanwhile, the ladies go out, be social and go clubbing!


    Figured cameras were just another expense...especially when I do see seer at my deerstand, ....but now I'lm starting to reconsider getting one. Makes me wonder what goes on in the dark hours.

    Looks like you should have a nice selection next season!
    They Got The Memo!
    I guess this is proof that the deer got the memo! I haven't seen a deer in my field in over a month and a half....because they are only showing at night.

    Looks like you need to thin a few out to get to a three to one ratio!
    Nice Vid GT....Definitely a couple good does to take out....

    Scoutfish...I love game cameras and I hate them.

    I have gotten some pretty awesome images over the years using them. They definitely give you the upper hand on seeing what is roaming around.

    On the other hand you will have problems with them as well. Doesn't matter the brand or the price. Some are obviously better than others but they will all have issues at some point. My other big issue is not with the camera. When I first started hunting I was always excited and filled with excitement not knowing what might come out. Now, if you put some bait out or put the camera on travel corridors, food plots, etc..You will pretty much get about every deer on camera. When you check week after week and don't get any nice bucks or whatever you are looking for then you kinda lose hope on that spot. You are not that excited about going there...Not every deer will visit a bait sight but the vast majority will...They may be in the background but most of them are curious...

    I will continue using them though but I am not going to have a ton of them....I want to be able to say 'You never know what may come out' at some places lol...