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  • Christmas morning Duck hunt..pair of Mallards that surprised us lol

    My Buddy and myself decided that Christmas day that we would Duck hunt the First few hours of the morning because we had to check the Trap lines anyway...Hadn't seen but a few Ducks a mile in the Sky and was really just standing there goofing off when out of the corner of my eye I see them and told Donnie to FREEZE!!!and this Pair of Mallards fell in out of Nowhere to our decoys...What you can't see is me crawling around in the floor trying to get to my Gun and hand Donnie his and get camera turned on...He tells me to shoot the Drake to the right and as he was shouldering his Gun...I jumped from the Floor and shot twice!! Donnie shot....Well...Just watch lol I'm not sure what he was aiming at LOL...When He shot after they hit the water, I had my back turned and It scared the crap outta me lol...I have several clips I need to edit together but just wanted to share this 1 now LOL...I Love my 930 auto...Watch me finish off his winged Duck at a pretty far distance for steel shot..You will see her cut a flip and flop lol Donnie would kill me if he knew I showed his shooting ability lol I told him that my $500 Gun could just out-shoot his $1200 Gun lol
    Well Done!
    After a box of shells. Gotta wonder how many teeth you'll have left, after eating that bird! Maybe a good stew bird. Break meat up good after cooking maybe all the shot will sink to the bottom of the pot! LOL
    Had to watch the video on my phone so I couldn't see it real good,but I could definately tell you were having fun,lol.
    lol CRH...shouldn't be many shot in it...didn't ya see where his shot was hitting the water? LOL...That was a expensive Duck lol
    That is a cool vid GT!!

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