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  • New game camera

    Hey guys,
    I am new here and was getting your thoughts and opinions on the best game camera under $150-200? I currently have an older Wildgame x6c. I just recieved a Primos Ultra 40 for Christmas. I would like to add one more before next season. I am leaning toward a Bushnell Trophy Cam? Thoughts or suggestions please.
    Bushnell Trophy Cam is my choice..I have 3 of them..2 New Camo No-Glo and a older 8mp ($132.00 on Ebay) with view screen...I have had them all and have had the best service from the Trophy Cams...The LED version isn't the brightest in Night Videos but the No-Glo's are Impressive in my opinion...Good Luck and WELCOME to the site...Whats the story behind your alias? lol
    Gobblintom, I'm a diehard turkey hunter and live in Pitt County. Thus pcgobbler.
    Trophy cams
    Gobblintom, from all the reading on the net of reviews and such I have done. The trophy cams seem to have the best reviews, plus they have a two year warranty.
    Game Camera
    Trophy Cam all day long!!!!!
    Welcome to the forums pcgobbler!!

    Bushnell does make a good camera. I have had issues with them all but their customer services is really good. I have a bunch of friends on another site that really like the DLC Covert's as well. I haven't tried them yet but I will soon. Creek07(NCS Moderator) really believes in the Reconyx...I would love to try them but they are costly.....I have to many people with sticky fingers around lol....The Cuddeback in my opinion take the best pictures....At least you have some choices lol....
    Game Cam
    Obviously everyone has their own opinion based on their particular experience with game cams. Mine is that I love the Moultrie M80 mini cams. I have several of the M80XT (and XD - same cam w/ different colored case) and just recenlty got 2 of the M80Blk (Black - same as 'No Glow') and I really like them. I had 2 Bushnell Trophy Cams and 2 Moultrie M100 cams and I sold all 4 of them. I liked the M80 series over the M100 and over the Trophy Cams. My trophy cams were not the 'no glow'. I thought the pics/vids looked better on the Moultrie cams.
    When the Moultrie cam is set on Video mode it will take a pic first and then record the 30 second video. I like this feature but you may not.
    New on ebay the M80XT (or XD) have been selling for $115 and the M80BLK for $150.
    Good luck and welcome to the site.