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  • Catawba Catfish Club 2-2-13 Lake Wateree Tournament Results

    The Catawba Catfish Club had our 6th Tournament of the 2012-2013 Season today{2-2-2013} on Lake Wateree,SC..A chilli and brisk 18 degrees greeted 52 paying anglers and 25 boats at the Lake Wateree State Park this morning.The chilli temps along with a steady 5-10 mph wind that gusted 15-20 at times made for a cold day on the water.The water was stained to muddy all over the lake from recent heavy rains and flooding.
    In the end we 22 of 25 boats weigh in to see who would walk away with their share of the $1040 Total Pot and a Big Fish Pot of $250.At weigh Ins end the Team of Team Reelin the Blues bested the Field with a 3 fish Stringer weighing 71.30,The Team of Team Troller won the Big Fish Pot of $250 with a Blue weighing 32.35...Weights were down somewhat for this event compared to recent Wateree weigh ins,this mostly due to the amount of water being run thru the reservoirs right now along with Cold Fronts one after another along with a few other factors.
    Here is the complete rundown on Finishing order:
    1.Team Reelin the Blues{Jeff Manning and Michael Piaccaco}-71.30 and $520
    2.Team Total Chaos{Chad Catledge and Travis Honeycutt}-65.70 and $260
    3.Team Overboard{Sam Holder,Mike Durham and Brad McCall}-64.60 and $156
    4.Team Grady{Ric Helms and Don Edwards}-54.75 and $104
    5.Team Got the Blues{Lindsay Bigham and Dave Ferguson}-53.70
    6.Team Troller{Mark Follett and Bob Clark}-52.10
    7.Team Craig{Casey Craig}-52.00
    8.Team Fat Cat{George Lindsay,Damon Gibson,Kip Holsenbeck}-48.30
    9.Team Smackdown{Bruce Edmunds,Doug Crawford,Josh Crawford}-47.30
    10.Team DMD{Mike Rape,Roger Rape and David Catoe}-47.20
    11.Team Fish Bonz{Dieter Melhorn and Justin Whiteside}-46.95
    12.Team Stanley{Mark Stanley and Neil Stanley}-46.20
    13.Team R & R{Randy Gurley and Robert Couick}-43.30
    14.Team HookLineandSinker{Eric and Marya Jenkins}-43.20
    15.Team Reel Time{Marty Green and Jeff Green}-37.50
    16.Team Whiskers{Shane Queen and Toby Griffin}-31.40
    17.Team Sparky{Ron Carden and Mike Cox}-29.35
    18.Team Rod Benders{Jeff Smith and Chris Robinson}-27.65
    19.Team Professional Hookers{Terry Springs,TJ Springs and Kendrick Wright}-16.50
    20.Team PoleKat[Benji Brown ,Riley Brown and Tommy Gillis}-15.65
    21.Team Hawg Seekers{Harry Dickerson and Jamie Dickerson}-14.15
    22.Team Blue Fever{Jason Knight and John Terry}-3.45

    Points Standings After 6 of 9 Tournaments:
    1.Team Team Reelin the Blue-115
    2.Team Got the Blues-110
    3.Team Professional Hookers-103
    4.Team Overboard-102
    5.Team Blue Fever-100
    6.Team Fat Cat-85
    6.Team Total Chaos-85
    8.Team DMD-79
    9.Team Troller-75
    10.Team Smackdown-65
    11.Team Rod Benders-61
    12.Team Reel Time-57
    13.Team June Bug-54
    13.Team Grady-54
    15.Team PoleKat-50
    16.Team Blaster-46
    17.Team Whiskers-42
    17.Team Craig-42
    19.Team Fish Bonz-41
    20.Team Stumpgrinder-34
    20.Team HookLineandSinker-34
    22.Team Lunker-29
    23.Team Keller-27
    24.Team Hawg Seekers-24
    25.Team Fishinfanatic-21
    26.Team FishBite-20
    26.Team SkunkApe-20
    28.Team Stanley-19
    29.Team RiverDogs-15
    29.Team Heavy Cats-15
    29.Team MudCat-15
    29.Team Sparky-15
    33.Team Robin Hood-12
    34.10 Team with 10 or less

    Points Championship Fund after 6 Tournaments:
    1st Points-$963
    2nd Points-$481.50
    Big Fish Of Year-$160.50

    The Catawba Catfish Club would like to Thank Our Sponsors Pepsi and Kangaroo Express and ALL of the Anglers for coming out and Fishing with us.
    Next Tournament:Fishing Creek Reservoir on March 2,2013 at the Hwy 21 Access

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    That was great!! Some Big Blues caught...Some Cool Boat Names also...I would have to name my Boat 'Fishin Impossible'...Glad you finished in the top 15 at least...Congrats