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  • Got my Branding Iron for the SPURSUADER

    Got my Branding Iron today for my Turkey calls...Little Bigger than I was expecting but still not bad. I couldn't wait to try it out..What ya think?
    cool deal
    Thats pretty cool.Guess this means your gonna make some calls now,lol.Looking forward to getting mine.
    Spoke with my Dad this evening and found he done more damage than we thought when the step broke on the deer stand he was fixing.His hand had been swollen for a while and his knee hurting and they done xrays today and found he had broke his hand and pulled the ligaments on both sides of his knee also .He is still doing therapy for all the damage he done to his shoulder. Thank God he hung on and didn't hit the ground.This is a true example of how important safety harnesses are.He's a tough one to still go deer hunting with me when I came down .Guess thats why my Dad is my hero.
    He should be your hero...Hate to hear of the bad news and I'm glad he didn't let go as well...A friend of mine fell yesterday and even though it was 10 feet, He is very lucky!! he hit a pipe on the way down face first and he is a site!!! Looks terriable!!!
    The calls are looking good man. You da man!! Sorry to here about ur Dad Dianne. Hope he gets better.
    Thanks limb hanger and GT. I think now that they have figured out all the damage he actually done he can be on the mend.He loves deer hunting as much as I love turkey hunting.He said he would be ready for bow season when it came around and ask if was coming down then, and he keeps sending me pics of big bucks that have been showing up,lol.I can't believe he still walked the two miles to the blind every evening with his knee so damaged.Thats a true love of hunting,and of his daughter,(me) :)

    Sorry about butting in on your post GT
    Joey got 2 questions for ya:
    Where did you get your branding iron? I've thought about doing that on my tables and whatnot.
    Am I gonna be able to talk you out of one of those Spursuaders?
    Diane - Sorry to hear your dad is having such a rough time. Quite a guy to go hunting with broken bones. Telling him we all wish him a speedy recovery.
    Thanks Limbhanger and...No problem Diane lol Jump in whenever you like...Wait!!! That's what I do lol!! It's perfectly fine with me lol....Nice today, Are you Fishing?

    Justintime...The story behind me wanting a Brand is this...A Ex-CoWorker wanted a Call...Then he wanted some more?...Later I found out that he was saying he was making the Calls and was selling them to his Friends lol, He was just sanding my signature off them but anyway...This is alot simpler than signing anyway lol...After shopping around and not wanting to wait weeks I found this Brand Iron at was $74.99 + S&H for 1 with 3 Lines and cheaper for 1 with 2 but I received it from Order to Door in 10 Days..Not Bad...It doesn't have a Heat Control because it's a Hobby Model and that kinda sucks but not when your branding several items at once like I do, Then I'm done for a while and just unplug it. It makes a deep brand and items such as a Small Turkey call, You only get 1 shot and hope it all takes because it's almost impossible to reposition exactly where it was since you can't see it...I'm thinking of Building me a jig to position iron on Call same place every time but with Items like Tables you speak of, You wouldn't have such issues but anyway...Hope this helps and it's AA and they have several different designs with borders and without ETC...Good Luck

    Oh almost Forgot lol..I'll hook you up with a call...I'm waiting on several to dry right now.
    That is 'Official' right there GT.....Will be seeing it on TV before too long

    That is amazing about your Dad D!! I am sure HE loves you just a little bit lol....

    GT, that really sucks about your friend.....Thank God I didn't hit anything on my 20 ft fall.....

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