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  • Where in WNC can my son 'YOUTH' hunt for his first time?

    My son and I are new to hunting turkey. Together we have practiced shooting at 10-30 yds with turkey loads. we feel we are doing good! I have taken a lead in the turkey calls, and getting into a groove is the key. otherwise, im searching for the right yelp or cluck. We have been to a friends turkey farm and experience the true nature of the animal.{this only made us more excited for this years season} Anyhow, done alot of research and im just looking for a little help with the game lands.

    WHERE in WNC(foothills, peidmont, pisgah?) can we hunt turkey legally with our permits? please provide information that may lead to trailheads parking, hiking distance, signs etc.

    Turkey Hunting
    WELCOME DD, And did you mean 'With our permits?' OR 'With out Permits?'...I'm guessing without a permit since IF you had such then you would know where and when you could use it...Otherwise, I'm sure you can Turkey Hunt on any Public Land?...We have a Youth WEEK this year so that means more people in the woods so be careful and never wear the Colors Red, White and Blue on Public land..DON'T Even Carry a Pepsi Bottle!!! They are some real winners that venture on Public land and I could tell you some close Calls I have had of my own that would freak you out lol Also this year...A adult can accompany more than 1 kid and sometimes a pair of Adults will take a Kid so again...MORE people in the woods...The only Game Land I'm real familier with is Alcoa but I hope these other Guys can help ya on the site here...Stay Safe and Your going to LOVE being a Headroller come April lol!!!
    Thanks GT
    i ment to say our/my hunters lisence, yes, permits are like a golden ticket i hear. opportunities will come, for now game lands that are free. you say alot of hunters.....understand. that is a concern?
    Welcome to the forums Dripp Dizzle.....Unfortunately I can be of no assistance but hope someone can chine in and give you some info....I hope You and your son have a great season this year!!
    Gotcha Buddy, fellow Poster Diane and myself had a great Turkey Hunt on Game land last year as I took her to a spot that I access by Boat that is a Honey Hole for Public Land...We should have doubled up but I mistaken NO for NOW when I asked if she was ready lol. Can't count the Gobblers I have carried from this area but like I stated It's a Piece of Alcoa Game land that I found my getting off the beaten path...Different Game land have Different Rules...The Best advice I can give you is patience!! I have had Hunters walk all over my set-up calling like crazy wanting a quick and easy hunt...a few hours after they give up and everything calms down...A little sweet talk is the ticket and they don't always Gobble when they come in on Public land that has been pressured...The Gobblers Diane seen coming in were silent and wanted to strut for the ladies but just wasn't sure...Could have been all the calling I was doing out of aggravation which is another tip...Don't over-Call...If he Gobbles at your calls then Call his Bluff and wait him out, He knows where you are...And if you can see him then only Call when you think he has lost interest and then very soft Clucks and Purrs....Sorry got carried away lol...Good Luck
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