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  • turkey on the brain

    been seeng these toms right up from the house...
    SON!!! That has to get you fired up!!! LMBO!! I'm talking like the season is Sat lol
    heck yea
    I tell ya man im already fired up. i swear birds have just been appearing in fields everywhere this year all within 5 miles of my house. i swear they are teasing me. i watch another group of 9 toms this morning behind my kids preschool. i cant wait for the April 13th!
    I bet so man..I had 3 Gobblers all around me during Bow/Rifle Season and even got video of them a few times in stand and on trail cam...Hope they hang around...Gonna try to video myself taking 1 with my Bow this year or better yet...get my daughter on them...I have hunted this area for about 11 years and these Turkeys just showed up over the summer, Had never seen them's a trail cam Video. I put my camera on some Rubs in this swamp and they (The Gobblers) even showed up in here lol.

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