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extremeanglerProfile Photo
Tournaments Fishing in North Carolina
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16 hours ago
bubba manProfile Photo
Deer Hunting in Eastern North Carolina
i`m in the piedmont area town of PINEBLUFF NEXT YEAR WILL BE MY 1ST TIME AFTER DEER - A MONTH AGO I BOUGHT A 30-06 REMINGTON - i was told i can`t use it unless i`m 10 ft. above ground THAT`S CRAZY - than i was talking to conservation officer and he said if i hunt on CAMP MACCALL i can use the rifle on ground - i`d hate to get rid of this rifle it shoots great at 100 yds. - PLEASE ....  Read More
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February 04 at 12:07pm
Waterfowl Specialist Guide ServiceProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Outside North Carolina
We are now scheduling fishing trips! So if you would like to try your hand at some exciting fishing catching some of Southeast Louisiana's big Bull Reds, Drum, Sheephead, and of course speckle trout. Don't wait be sure to call Capt. Jimmy Corley for a great time hanging with the fellas or for a relaxing trip by yourself. If you would like to schedule a hunt for next duck season or book a....  Read More
February 02 at 6:49pm
Fishin'w/WW&DVetsProfile Photo
Fishing in Central North Carolina
For the past few years, ONS has been asked to host a Top Shelf Fishin’ Festivals’ Kick Off Meeting. With the assistance of several supporters and volunteers, we are hosting the 2016 Top Shelf Fishin’ Festivals’ Kick Off Meeting on Thursday, February 11 at Tilley Harley-Davidson in Salisbury. Time: 6:30PM to 8ish. Host Boaters, Supporters, Volunteers and Wounded Warriors and Disabled....  Read More
February 02 at 3:44pm
mish12Profile Photo
Hog Hunting in Eastern North Carolina
I'm going to be on vacation in the Outer Banks in July, in South Nags Head. I'm looking to possibly do some hog hunting while I'm there. Is there any public land, or any farms that are looking for people to get rid of some hogs, in the mainland near the Manteo area? If anyone knows of a spot please let me know. Any help would be appreciated.

February 02 at 10:05am
BellerProfile Photo
Hunting in Central North Carolina
Photo Album
Got an opportunity to take my 10 year old daughter Raccoon Hunting. Neither one of us had ever been before and a friend of a friend wanted to work his dog a little bit so we were able to tag along. I was so impressed with her being able to aim true and make the shot with so much going on around her. Needless to say, she had a blast! The smile says it all! If ya get a chance to take a kid,....  Read More
February 01 at 2:43pm
NickRoserProfile Photo
Bass Fishing in Southern North Carolina
Photo Album
Biggest bass I've ever caught on Mountain Island Lake. Especially in Janaury 2016. Gonna be a great year!
Weight: 9lbs 3oz
Caught by Nick Roser - 17 years old
January 10, 2016
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January 10 at 4:27pm
TurkeySwampHunterProfile Photo
Hunting in Eastern North Carolina
Our club is interested in branching out from our traditional food plots and wanting to incorporate some fruit/mast producing trees. Obviously its a longer term project but one we are committed to. I'm looking for local nurseries that may carry select varieties, including crabapples, persimmons, pears, etc.
January 27 at 10:51am
BrownfishProfile Photo
Fishing in Western North Carolina
Photo Album
Another great day on james
January 26 at 8:16am
BrownfishProfile Photo
Freshwater Fishing in Western North Carolina
Another great day on lake James!
January 25 at 3:58am
Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Outside North Carolina
Louisiana Marsh Guide Service has just rapped up another good duck season in the coastal marshes of southeast Louisiana. A very wide variety of species were taken including gadwall,blue and green winged teal,widgeon,shoveler,redhead,scaup,buffleheads,mallard,pintail,mottled ducks and black belly tree ducks.
We would like to thank all the hunters that hunted with us this season...........and....  Read More
January 23 at 9:40am
Fishin'w/WW&DVetsProfile Photo
Fishing in North Carolina
Contact Operation North State to receive the details of the 2016 Top Shelf Fishin' Festivals Schedule. There's nothing like it in the country - seven different venues - you will be in great company. It's all about taking wounded warriors and disabled veterans fishing! We need assistance from host boaters and door prizes are always needed.
Go to Facebook: Operation North State and view the....  Read More
January 22 at 9:51am
Terry BeltonProfile Photo
Deer Hunting in Eastern North Carolina
Photo Album
Last day luck
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January 17 at 12:45am
Skylar MartinProfile Photo
Hunting in North Carolina
Photo Album
My name is Skylar Martin. I took this massive 7 year old, 10 point buck on Novemeber 28th in Guilford County. I had been watching this deer on trail camera for the last 5 years and never seen him in person. it all started about a month and a half ago, when my dad (Dale Martin) had went hunting after work, and since it had been raining he got off early. Around 5:30 I had got a call that he had....  Read More
December 06, 2015 at 10:57pm
LovesHuntinProfile Photo
Hunting in Central North Carolina
Photo Album
On November 6, 2015 I had the best day in woods I have ever had! I was fortunate enough to shoot the larger deer first thing this morning. He came strolling through a oak bottom and ended up standing 40 yards in front of me while I was busy looking at the news on my phone. Luckily I looked up and almost dropped my phone and gun. I quickly shoved my phone in my pocket and raised my gun. I knew he....  Read More
December 28, 2015 at 10:01am
GobblintomProfile Photo
Hunting in Central North Carolina
Photo Album
What a year it's been for us!!!! Started the year off tag teaming Gobblers and doubled up twice!!!, had several awesome camping and fishing excursions and then Archery season where Diane took a few deer while I was looking for a nice 1 and on Nov 14th I hooked up with my pal Don again in Rockingham county and after a all day sit I got a good buck!!! Few weeks later I killed a big female yote....  Read More
January 01 at 10:57am
wolfpack07Profile Photo
Other Hunting in Western North Carolina
Photo Album
A little windy, no flushes. Still a great day. Nothing like the mountains...
January 16 at 8:06pm
Dockside Bait and TackleProfile Photo
Fishing in North Carolina
Photo Album
Book your Charters NOW!!! 985-707-9049

Well the Bonnie Carrie is now open and fresh water is headed our way. No point in wishing it wouldn't happen because the Mississippi river water is coming wether we like it or not. Take advantage of the hot trout action you will find right before it floods the lake completely. Enjoy this DockSide TV all fish caught on Matrix....  Read More
January 15 at 10:35am
iymkennelsProfile Photo
Contests in Southeast North Carolina
Photo Album
My son Jacob is 11 years and has been hunting with me since he was 3. This is his first buck. He killed on 12/31/15 in Brunswick County in front of the dogs on our hunting club.
January 14 at 2:22pm
NismogsxrProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Southeast North Carolina
Hello everyone! Me and my father have started fishing the surf along sunset beach, and right now we are a few 7 or 8' catfish poles that have spincast reels on them. Stiff as crap but they were free to start off with so I can not complain. I am looking at getting a high end rod for me to fish with, but I really dont know what to get. I have read somewhere that in Myrtle beach if you cast....  Read More
January 13 at 5:28am
martygarlitsProfile Photo
Tournaments Fishing in North Carolina
Photo Album
The Catawba Catfish Club had our 3rd Tournament of the 2015-2016 Season today{1-9-16} on Lake Wateree in Winnsboro,S.C….We had 28 Boats show up to fish today.Anglers were competing for a Total Pot of $2800…Conditions were cloudy all day with temps at start around 42 and a high for the day of 50…Water conditions were muddy from recent floods and there was plenty of current all day....  Read More
January 10 at 2:30pm
StartinOverProfile Photo
Hunting Dogs in Eastern North Carolina
Hi All,
I have come back to hunting this year after a 30 year time out. I am having a great time trying to bag a deer after all these years. My previous hunting experience from age 11 to 28 was all in PA with very restrictive laws. Up there, dogs are used for birds and small game, but strictly prohibited for deer, so I have a question on how to handle a situation where a dog pack runs a....  Read More
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December 30, 2015 at 3:38pm
Dockside Bait and TackleProfile Photo
Fishing in North Carolina
Matrix Mini Now Available
Matrix Mini Is Finally Now Available at
We are already putting it to work on Crappie, Small bass and Specks
January 07 at 2:46pm
speedshadProfile Photo
Tournaments Fishing in Central North Carolina
Photo Album
Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and Christmas

season and I wish all of you a happy & prosperous New Year!!

We have plenty of water in the lakes at this time and I'm ready

to get started!!

Well, it won't be long now! Our dates are set in stone and 2016 looks to

be another great year for Piedmont Bass Classics. Our 1st event will be....  Read More
January 05 at 9:13am
GobblintomProfile Photo
Contests in Central North Carolina
Photo Album
After several close encounters with this Buck in Rockingham County during Atchery season, my pal Don let me have a chance at him again on Nov 14 with my rifle and after a complete all day sit I tried the rattling antlers with 15 minutes of daylight left and it worked!!! He came charging in so fast I lost sight of him trying to steady my shooting stick but finally got a 100 yard shot!!!
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January 01 at 11:05am

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