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croweater50Profile Photo
Bag-a-Buck Contest in Southern North Carolina
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  • Happy birthday!
Opening day happened to be my birthday and I was granted a dandy present!
4 hours ago
FairChaseNCProfile Photo
Hunting in Central North Carolina
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The landowner/former farmer always puts in a few acres of oats and rye for me each year but figured I'd give it a try THE HARD WAY for a little strip over-looking an isolated stand I have..I know I'll get SOME results on this one but not sure how good. My little tiller kicks butt for it's size but doesn't always go real deep..

After about 5 hours, I was able to create 1/8 acre and....  Read More
September 27 at 8:30pm
j carterProfile Photo
Archery in North Carolina
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  • Love this little man to the moon and back!!!
My son loves to help with everything there is about deer hunting, from food plots , checking cameras to gettn on a blood trail. He's only 4 yrs old and asks everyday dad to u post my pic yet so guys not tryn to fill up the web site with my bow kill but he is so proud of him holding the deer by himself this yr so I thought I would let him finally see himself on here holding my buck!!
12 hours ago
jasonpickardProfile Photo
Bag-a-Buck Contest in North Carolina
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  • 140 in velvet 8 guiford county
I have had alot of daytime pics of him coming in between 1:30 pm to 6:30 pm for last month. So I got into the stand on opening day of bow at 12 pm with my parker xbow. At about 1:30 the limb on my crossbow decides to splinter and break. So I have to climb down and get my wisper creek archery bow and return to stand now 2:30. I knew my hunt was over at this point. At about 7:15 I saw him coming....  Read More
September 22 at 8:50pm
speedshadProfile Photo
Tournaments Fishing in Central North Carolina
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  • 1st Place Team !!
  • 1st Place Big Fish!!!

Saturday September 27th, 2014 ~ Mayo Reservoir ~ Triple Springs Wildlife Ramp

The Cashion Fishing Rods 'End of Year' Team Tournament Bass Fishing Trail Qualifier #6 at Mayo Reservoir this past Saturday proved again bass fishing here can be tough this time of year! 16 teams showed up to fish Mayo, which....  Read More
Yesterday at 10:50am
GobblintomProfile Photo
Hunting Dogs in Central North Carolina
Photo Album
Ran into a old neighbor at the local FoodCat (FoodLion) today and he had said he heard of my Bowkill but my phone was dead and the pictures were in my Tacoma and i was in my other little Toyota so i told him i would repost the pics cause didn't know when i would see him again and he dont have a cell phone anymore and didn't know his email (He was buying Bud Lite LOL)...He needs to check out the....  Read More
December 03, 2010 at 6:05pm
Viperx4Profile Photo
Butchering & Processing in Southeast North Carolina
I had family over for my wife's lasagna tonight. She used my Italian seasoned brown ground / venison. My college niece said, 'this is the best lasagna I've ever eaten'. I told her thank you. She said but, aunt Marci made it. I told her yeah but, I killed it. She said, How do you kill lasagna. Thought I was going to pee my pants. I told her it was deer meat and she said it sure is good.
This is....  Read More
November 12, 2010 at 11:09pm
juey14Profile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Southeast North Carolina
I recently relocated here and used to do bass fishing tournaments back home. I am now getting into surf fishing. I want to learn to catch red drum. I am by Holden Beach area, I I am not an amateur to fishing. But I am to surf fishing. I have been out a handful of times now and have not caught 1 thing. I am not asking for secret fishing holes. I would never do that. I am asking for general advice....  Read More
Yesterday at 6:04pm
juey14Profile Photo
Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Southeast North Carolina
Just moved to the area from rural Northern Michigan. I am looking forward to the new terrain to hunt down here in the Shallotte area. I've noticed that there isn't any state game areas for waterfowl around me. Am I allowed to hunt to intracoastal?
September 27 at 10:20pm
SetTheHookProfile Photo
Deer Hunting in Central North Carolina
Does anyone know of a small tract of land where a guy could take his future wife to teach her about hunting and maybe put a doe in the freezer near Lincolnton? I'm currently stationed in Qatar right now but will be home in a few weeks. I've lost my old hunting grounds to a high paying club and don't have anywhere to go. Not looking for charity... I'll pay for rights. I just want to enjoy my....  Read More
September 26 at 3:16pm
headonkeyProfile Photo
Bass Fishing in Central North Carolina
Photo Album
  • 10.22 lbs of largemouth love
  • The proof
I had the distinct pleasure of netting my father-in-law's biggest fish ever today: a 10.22 lb largemouth bass. Congrats to Gary Gardner. I hope to join him in the 10-Pounders Club someday!
September 25 at 7:41am
S, YorkProfile Photo
Trail Cam Photos in Central North Carolina
September 24 at 9:18pm
Daddyrabbit1511Profile Photo
Deer Hunting in Central North Carolina
Photo Album
Nice Buck for NC
August 11 at 3:29pm
Dockside Bait and TackleProfile Photo
Fishing in North Carolina
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  • Nice
This episode of DockSide TV is all about Trout fishing in Florida at Night. We fished the Ono Island lights to box a Florida limit of beautiful trout from 16-20'. Look for all of our Matrix Shad products at J &M tackle, Top Gun, Mo's and Grey's in the Gulf Shores, Perdido Area. If you are ever headed down this way make sure to bring your boat or....  Read More
September 24 at 9:37am
Jake17Profile Photo
Bag-a-Buck Contest in Central North Carolina
Photo Album
  • Chatham County buck, killed by Chris Brinkley of Apex N.C. on September 18th 2014.
Chatham County buck, killed by Chris Brinkley of Apex N.C. on September 18th 2014.
September 20 at 8:45am
j carterProfile Photo
Bag-a-Buck Contest in Central North Carolina
Photo Album
  • Nice 8 ptr in alamance co
Shot this nice 8ptr on wed afternoon at 20 yds. Just as I was about to get out of tree due to a bad storm I looked over my shoulder and here came a group of doe's. So took my backpack off and pulled up my bow knocked a arrow and shot here at 20 yds she piled up about 25 yds later. Then looking to my right I seem antlers coming up from the bottom heading towards food plot. Well after about 15....  Read More
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September 21 at 7:44pm
Capt JerryProfile Photo
Kayak Fishing in Southeast North Carolina
Photo Album
  • Mark Patterson waits for a Spanish mackerel bite while fishing about 500 yards east of Ocean Crest P
The Southeast Coast is reeling from the monsoon rains of last week, but there are a few places where the fish have escaped the dirty water pouring down the Cape Fear River and are biting. One of the fish that are biting well is Spanish mackerel. Puppy drum and flounder are biting well and spots are beginning to show for pier fishermen in growing numbers. There have even been a few reports of....  Read More
5 of 6 Comment(s) [ View All ]
October 05, 2010 at 10:29am
bowman3Profile Photo
Hog Hunting in Northeastern North Carolina
my son payed for a hunting trip for him and i. the first hunting trip ever and maybe the last. Cherokee run lounge was OK, but the target at the bow range where run down and didn't even stop my arrows. there where no hogs even seen by four other hunters for a thee day hunt. I talked to tom the owner and said way do your feeds not even put out very much corn. I almost could count the corn....  Read More
September 22 at 2:23pm
Tikka308Profile Photo
Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Southeast North Carolina

Jut curious if anyone has ever hunted Lake Wylie for Duck or goose. I know in SC its 200 yrds from a residence and 150 in NC. Just curious of there are still open areas to setup and how the hunting is.
September 22 at 11:20am
topshotfishingProfile Photo
Offshore Fishing in Outside North Carolina
Photo Album
  • Mixed
Fishing Fort Lauderdale on Happy Day Today with Capt. Zsak

Corey Hilliard and his wife, Carol, along with friends, Brady and Amy from Illinois decided to do some big game deep sea sport fishing in Fort Lauderdale, FL with the Topshotfishing team. We had winds running out of the east, southeast at 12 mph and seas running 3-4 ft.

Fifteen minutes after leaving the dock lines were in....  Read More
September 22 at 9:02am

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