North Carolina Sportsman
Lebowski2112Profile Photo
Archery in Central North Carolina
Photo Album
Almost done drying! WOW!!
June 30 at 5:15pm
HuntinFishProfile Photo
Hog Hunting in Southeast North Carolina
Does anyone have any reports/sightings of wild hogs along Town Creek in Brunswick County, or anywhere in the Winnabow area? Thanks
June 22 at 5:28pm
bigbuck150Profile Photo
Archery in Outside North Carolina
My jennings bow needs a new bowstring and I'm not sure what to buy. I've read good reviews on and also heard that PPS strings are good. Any recomendations? Thanks
June 14 at 9:38am
limb-hangerProfile Photo
Hunting in Central North Carolina
Snow White Labs

Looking to find some breeders in NC near the piedmont preferably that breed these colored labs. I had one for over 12 years and she was a great dog. Would like to get one in her bloodline if at all possible. If anybody has any contacts I appreciate it!!
June 04 at 12:34pm
Danielle616Profile Photo
Turkey Hunting in Central North Carolina
Photo Album
  • Called this turkey in for my girlfriend Danielle Taylor
  • Called this Turkey in for my girlfriend Danielle Taylor first bird she got first year hunting turkey
Called this Turkey in for my girlfriend Danielle Taylor first bird she got first year hunting turkey. Started out hunting first thing that morning last day of turkey season could hear plenty of gobbling all around us. But wasn't able to call anything in for the first three hours. I could hear a gobble at a far distance for a while wasn't getting any closer. I was curious got up walked back on....  Read More
May 12 at 11:21am
GYSGT13Profile Photo
Turkey Hunting in Central North Carolina
Today started bad but ended awesome. My son couldn't find his face mask or shells. Finally found both but made us 20 mins late. Got to our spot and didn't hear a gobble, then started raining. Ugh. Stopped raining. Called softly and got a response. 6 hens, 1 jake, and a gobbler showed up. The tom followed the hens across the field right into our lap at about 735 am. 30 yd shot. 18 lbs,7/8'....  Read More
April 25 at 8:32am
Horn HoundProfile Photo
Turkey Hunting in Southeast North Carolina
I need to get in touch with Joey. I bought a spursuader from him a couple years ago and I have lost it. I would love to buy another one. Does anyone know how to get up with him?

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April 22 at 1:17pm
brandon134Profile Photo
Turkey Hunting in North Carolina
If anyone is looking for the Avian x lcd decoys cheaper go to all are 59.99 except for the jake he is 74.99 and the combo for jake and look out hen are 134.99 big savings I just order all of them that are out for 249.99 from them and the new lcd Tom is not up they are waiting on price for him but he will be less than 100
April 20 at 1:27pm
terpfaninncProfile Photo
Turkey Hunting in Central North Carolina
nothing like the anticipation of opening day...heard a bunch of hens cackling on roost about 200 yds from me...only one gobble in the predawn light...called sparingly...about 715 am heard 3 gobbles in opposite 745 out of corner of my eye 2 black blobs working thru brush toward my decoy....750...boom game over...gotta love it 11 inch beard ...1 1/2 inch spurs
April 14 at 10:41am
kirkleoneProfile Photo
Turkey Hunting in North Carolina
Photo Album
9 yr.old Grayson Leone's 1st Turkey! 13 in. beard 1 3/8 Spurs

Taken in Harnett Co. with his dad Kirk Leone! There is nothing like spending time with your kids in the outdoors. Grayson and I camped out and on the 3rd day of hunting for a turkey Grayson harvested his 1st turkey. It was dark and we heard 2 turkey's gobble and got within 100 yards and found ground cover to set in. At....  Read More
April 13 at 8:06am
Our Southern RootsProfile Photo
Deer Hunting in Outside North Carolina
Just getting around to putting a couple videos together of the kid's deer hunts. They are pretty good if I do say so myself!

My 6 yr old boy takes his first deer.... and he worked hard for it. He helped in the food plot, helped work on the stand, put in plenty of time practice shooting, and made quite a few trips to the stand, etc. I don't know who was more excited him or me... but I....  Read More
February 05 at 1:14pm
deathwindProfile Photo
Deer Hunting in Eastern North Carolina
Well I am not going to post a pic because my son on his facebook has made enough fun of my Coastal Carolina doe. Only thing that I can say it tasted awesome and my wife said it tasted like baby beef veal. Yes it was small deer. Still with just moving here and knowing no one or a place to hunt. I had found Holly shelter and it is truly a swamp. Put out a trail camera and got some does on it and....  Read More
December 22, 2014 at 6:57pm
bigggreasy2014Profile Photo
Archery in Central North Carolina
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Thumbs Upp!!!
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December 01, 2014 at 8:25am
Stretch6NinerProfile Photo
Hog Hunting in Eastern North Carolina
Photo Album
Hey guys I am new to this forum. I am moving to Fort Bragg in November from Fort Hood, TX. I am big into hog hunting down here and hoping to get some in NC. I have found a possible lease in Columbus County for a really good price, even though it is archery only. I have posted some map pics to see what you guys think if hogs would be on the property. I don't know what hogs like for land in NC,....  Read More
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August 19, 2014 at 8:07pm
Rwinfree59Profile Photo
Hog Hunting in Outside North Carolina
I have hunted (along with several friends) at Cherokee Run 6 times over the last 8 years. I have personally shot 2 hogs (boar and sow), 2 deer (nice buck and doe, and 1 turkey. I shot these animals on 4 of the 6 hunts, the other 2 I didn't see anything. I will continue to hunt with Tom at Cherokee Run because even on the hunts where I didn't see anything, we had a blast. We chose Cherokee Run....  Read More
June 16, 2014 at 7:08pm
ejtheuProfile Photo
Public Lands in Eastern North Carolina
Are there any groups/hunt clubs who use hounds on the public lands in the Croatan Forest or other gamelands around New Bern/Jacksonville? A buddy of mine and I are looking to join up and hunt with folks who use hounds. Would not mind helping out with dog food.
May 18, 2014 at 4:35pm
Barefoot Country BoyProfile Photo
Other Hunting in Central North Carolina
Photo Album
Had the opportunity to bag a few squirrels last season. Needless to say we had some excellent squirrel n' dumplins that night!
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October 03, 2013 at 2:31pm
NCLadyArcherProfile Photo
Other Hunting in Northern North Carolina
Trying to find the average score of a black bear in NC, anyhow to measure and score a bear skull.
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January 13, 2013 at 8:22pm
Chad BProfile Photo
Public Lands in Central North Carolina
Photo Album
Howdy, Well Another Great Day On Butner-falls!! Sitting In Treestand Listing To All The Shotgun Blast Made Me Wish I Went Duck Hunting, But That Faded Fast When 4 Does Walked Right To Me, I Took The Biggest one Out Of The 4. There Was One Other Local Hunter Behind Me Alitte Ways, I Heard Him Shoot, But Never Did Get A Chance To Talk To Him, Im Glad My Shot Didnt Mess His Hunt Up. He Was Nice A....  Read More
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November 10, 2012 at 3:56pm
DefibProfile Photo
Deer Hunting in Eastern North Carolina
Photo Album
  • Still growing
I have put out my cameras and some corn. Was wondering if anyone else has already started. I checked camera this morning and had 1062 pictures in 2 weeks. Getting some nice pictures of some bucks. Also have a couple of doe that have not had fawns yet. Was just curious.
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June 06 at 12:50pm
rosered66Profile Photo
Hunting in Eastern North Carolina
Here's my opinion: You bloodthirsty, backwards bastards have SIX, count um, SIX other days of the week to go out and kill things. It would not pain you one little bit to NOT kill things on Sunday. Every creature on the face of this earth deserves at least one day of the week to rest and regroup. I can only imagine how a deer or other forest animal must feel. Some stupid yahoo goes into....  Read More
June 08 at 4:38pm
the FNGProfile Photo
Hog Hunting in Central North Carolina
Good Afternoon Just got licensed after many years and want to work out the cobwebs on some swine before Deer season. Any one want to loosen their lips about hog locations in or around Harnett/Johnston counties? Thanks
June 16 at 11:08am
BlackPennyProfile Photo
Hunting in North Carolina
I bow hunt primarily and wondering what my opportunities are like in the area. Deer, turkey and upland with my chocolate lab will be my main focus. I have a duck boat also. What does the area look like? I won't be bringing any left wing nonsense with me, just a bunch of guns, wife, kids, truck and the dog.
What about clubs or land leases? Thanks in advance.
May 18 at 7:05pm
WhitsendogsProfile Photo
Hunting Dogs in North Carolina
I am an English hunter who trains and works bird dogs for shooting over and working on shoots in GB.(Spaniels, German Shorthaired Pointer,Labradors) and Lurchers for hunting rabbits.
I have a great interest in all working dogs, having spent many years(40+) training and working dogs 10 years as a Police Dog (canine) handler.
I am visiting an old friend who lives near Raleigh for the last....  Read More
May 13 at 7:47am
mac86Profile Photo
Turkey Hunting in Southeast North Carolina
Photo Album
  • Strutting with his hens
  • Fighting. Hes in the air
I had been after this bird all year. It started opening day when my buddy and i saw him for a brief period of time. he showed up on the edge of my field after gobbling his head off on the roost. problem was there were 5 hens between him and us. So he let out a gobble went into strut and then eased back in the woods. needless to say all the hens followed. this was only the beginning of the....  Read More
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May 10 at 8:40pm

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