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Tillery Cat Report This report contains photos
by tomahawk12
1,595 4 Catch
by  Carolina Catfishers
March 22 at 3:17pm     December 02 at 12:53pm
Bait help??
by akrise
158 1 Bait Help
by  Carolina Catfishers
September 30 at 11:01am     December 02 at 12:51pm
Lake Jordan
by Fishing_Gal
64 0 Lake Jordan
by  Fishing_Gal
December 01 at 8:41am     December 01 at 8:41am
Big NC Blue at Tillery
by Carolina Catfishers
68 0 Big NC Blue at Tillery
by  Carolina Catfishers
November 29 at 11:38pm     November 29 at 11:38pm
Lake Norman Rising This report contains photos
by Capt Craig Price
359 0 Lake Norman Rising
by  Capt Craig Price
November 19 at 9:51am     November 19 at 9:51am
Big Blue Cat from High Rock This report contains photos
by bradc6892
1,037 2 nice
by  Diane00
May 07 at 8:13pm     May 07 at 8:37pm
Lakes Norman & James This report contains photos
by Capt Craig Price
2,571 1 Lakes Norman & James
by  Capt Craig Price
January 16 at 10:12am     January 16 at 10:12am
Lake Norman Crappie?
by Garrison812
178 0 Lake Norman Crappie?
by  Garrison812
August 15 at 9:38am     August 15 at 9:38am
More Noodling action in the Hot Weather of High Rock Lake This report contains photos
by Gobblintom
1,310 2 Spawning
by  Gobblintom
July 07 at 8:44pm     July 08 at 7:44pm
High Rock Noodling Action
by Gobblintom
239 0 High Rock Noodling Action
by  Gobblintom
July 05 at 9:30am     July 05 at 9:30am
Caught my 2nd personal best Flathead This report contains photos
by Gobblintom
1,647 5 Nice
by  justintime
June 09 at 12:34pm     June 14 at 7:56pm
Tillery Cat Report This report contains photos
by tomahawk12
847 1 Nice Cat!!
by  Tagone
June 08 at 4:38pm     June 10 at 8:02pm
fontana Guides This report contains photos
by Soundneck
1,340 0 fontana Guides
by  Soundneck
June 04 at 7:48am     June 04 at 7:48am
First Fish! This report contains photos
by jimmy oldham
1,387 2 First Fish
by  Duplin County Bowhunter
May 13 at 8:40pm     May 20 at 12:09pm
NC Lunker This report contains photos
by Gunnslinger24
1,806 0 NC Lunker
by  Gunnslinger24
May 20 at 2:19am     May 20 at 2:19am
Nice evening fishing This report contains photos
by Diane00
820 2 thanks
by  Diane00
May 07 at 6:50pm     May 13 at 8:12pm
Older boy doin his thing... This report contains photos
by Sound2Sea
1,818 2 Ole freshwater gar...
by  Sound2Sea
April 30 at 7:06pm     May 05 at 7:25am
Crappie fishing Lake James This report contains photos
by Diane00
1,495 4 cooking crappie
by  Diane00
April 25 at 1:12pm     May 04 at 7:59am
Cattin\' Around This report contains photos
by Sound2Sea
1,248 1 Cats
by  Duplin County Bowhunter
April 30 at 7:20pm     May 01 at 1:49pm
Weldon Stripers
by Boyce Bishop
1,426 1 Stripers
by  Duplin County Bowhunter
April 15 at 7:14am     April 15 at 10:00am
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