• Freshwater Fishing

    Don’t take a chance lifting big crappie over the gunwales. Use a landing net.

    Seven tips to better long-lining

    February 15 at 7:00am
    Believing they had a tournament-winning trout on the line, two Lake Jocassee anglers were surprised to see it was a striper, which are not known to exist in the Upstate lake.

    Lake Jocassee trout anglers surprised by striper catch

    First known striper caught in Lake Jocassee
    February 04 at 7:24pm
    Cold water doesn’t mean slow fishing when it comes to crappie at North Carolina’s Lake Tillery.

    Frigid crappie frenzy - Lake Tillery crappie fishing can be a frigid frenzy in Febuary

    February might be cold, but spring is just around the corner, and Lake Tillery crappie know it’s time to head to their prespawn staging areas.
    February 01 at 7:00am
    Get the drop (shot) on winter bass on the Catawba River lakes in the Carolinas.

    Get the drop (shot) on winter bass - Winter bass are suckers for a drop-shot rig, especially in the Carolinas

    The drop-shot rig, tied for either soft-plastic lures or live bait, is a precise presentation that catches bass in cold water across the Carolinas.
    February 01 at 7:00am
    Time to head Clarks Hill’s crappie off at the pass.

    Head ’em off at the pass - Long-lining is the way to go for prespawn crappie on South Carolina’s Clarks Hill Lake

    Crappie will begin their long migration to Clarks Hill Lake’s shallows this month; here’s how to keep them from getting there.
    February 01 at 7:00am
    Winter striper fishing is great this month on South Carolina’s Lake Murray.

    Dreary weather, great fishing - February means dreary days, great striper action for Lake Murray fishermen

    Know where to look and how to fish live baits, and Lake Murray’s winter stripers may become your favorite targets.
    February 01 at 7:00am
    Lake Tillery can spit out some quality blue catfish, especially during the winter when they congregate in the lake’s upper section.

    Run Tillery’s river for big blue catfish in dead of winter

    Small reservoir offers big fishing
    January 26 at 3:53pm
    Guide Rob Bennett likes to toss tiny jigs on light tackle to shad on their run up the Cooper River and the Rediversion Canal this month.

    SC’s shad run gives February anglers some real hope

    The shad are already biting
    January 26 at 3:10pm
    Fishermen can employ slow-trolling or anchoring tactics in February, depending on where they’re fishing.

    Lake Gaston catfish don’t mind cold

    Stick with deep water until the first warm fronts move blues up
    January 26 at 2:24pm
    Summer and fall drought conditions have left a lot of mountain streams at lower levels, but fishing hasn’t suffered.

    Dry weather is a variable

    Severe drought hasn’t affected trout fishing
    January 19 at 9:00am
    When the temperature drops and shuts down stripers, big blue catfish become a great option on Lakes Marion and Moultrie.

    Forage is key to January

    Find the buffet line and you’ll find gamefish
    January 16 at 9:00am